I made socks!

I am still adjusting to the dark and the quiet of the beginnings of winter, but I am starting to enjoy it. I like having the pellet stove pumping out the heat (and so does the cat – he has taken up residence directly in front of it). I like having a candle lit in the evening. I really like being curled in my chair with the sheepskin and a blanket on my lap. This is the time of year when fatigue hits a bit harder than the other seasons, and so I have found that sitting is my favourite thing to do in the evenings. After dinner is finished and cleaned up and the horses are fed and put in the barn for the night, sitting feels good. I get bored easily, so I finally picked up some knitting again. It’s something that I used to do in university – there were several of us in residence that would knit while we studied or watched movies. I know my mom probably thought it kept me well-behaved (but it didn’t). It sounds very studious and proper though, doesn’t it? I got over it somewhere around my third year. And other than a few little knit things for the kids when they were babies, I haven’t really picked it up again since – until just this summer.

Already this year I have knit a few things – dishcloths, a baby hat, a sweater (ok, it remains unfinished and will probably be unravelled because I just don’t like it), a cowl scarf, fingerless gloves and I’m working on a toque for the mini-nephew. I really impressed myself by making some socks. I always thought socks were complicated and way out of my league until I made this pair. They aren’t beautiful or delicate – I was using up some worsted from the yarn stash, so the stitches are a little large-ish, but that is easily changed with different sized needles and a finer weight yarn.

Actually, I have already scouted out a new pattern to try and have a trip to the yarn store planned in the near future. These were so quick to knit that I am planning to make another just as soon as I am finished the toque.

In case you are also a beginner at socks and would like to try a very basic beginner pattern, here is the link for Easy Peasy Socks. It’s written in an easy conversational style, as if the writer was teaching a class and she puts extra little helpful hints in along the way. They can be easily adapted for a longer cuff as well, which I will do again, this time making a 5 or 6″ long cuff with a P2, K2 ribbing.

My grandma used to knit us socks just like these – and they were the best thing to wear inside of our skates when we were skating outside on the lake. I have grand plans to have the dad build us some ice over at the farm this winter, so I had better crank out a few more pairs. Hopefully the weather cooperates and time allows.

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41 thoughts on “I made socks!

  1. Way to go! I’ve never had luck with knitting anything, let alone socks. They can be so tricky.

  2. Sarah says:

    Congratulations!!! They are too beautiful! I love that color, and that pattern. This is the pattern I needed, thank you! Yes, you’ve convinced me to try socks. I never thought I would, but you make it sound fun…and like I might be able to do them.

    You’ve painted such a great winter scene here. I feel relaxed and cozy just reading this 🙂 I love it.

    • I definitely recommend this lady’s written instructions for a first time at socks – it really is easy and quick. As soon as I caught on after the first sock, I already had changes in mind for the next pair (longer cuff, smaller needles for the cuff, etc). I also bought the pattern for this pair, that I would like to try next: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/39-lace-cuff-socks

      I just tried looking for your roasted pear and applesauce recipe again – did you remove it? I couldnt find it.

      • Sarah says:

        Yesssss, just tonight I deleted that post by accident when I was fixing a typo in it. That’ll teach me to fix typos via the WordPress app on my phone….and typing with my thumb. Ugh! I’ll type it up and email it to you.

        Ooo! Thanks for this link too! I love those as well. I’ll definitely try the Easy Peasy socks first though, for the instructions.

  3. Mo says:

    I can’t wait to have time to sit and quietly knit! With two toddlers running around, and plans of more in the future, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I tried crocheting last winter as I just needed something creative to occupy my evenings, but my hands were just too tired by the end of the day for those little hooks! Knitting seems more manageable with the larger needles, and knitted socks are just the coziest things to wear on a cold winter night! Maybe I will give it a try after Christmas.

  4. my grandma used to knit my sister and I knee socks–I just love knitted socks–they bring back such good memories–I tried to learn to knit–my niece tried to teach me, but I am hopeless–I get mixed up,then my hands get confused. I do not think I have a knitting mind.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely beautiful on those delicate little feet. I love the color.

  6. I fail as a knitter (just never could quite get the hang of it, though I love the idea), but those socks look so cozy!

  7. What wonderful socks! I’ve been knitting a scarf since I was about ten years old and it’s still only about ten inches long!

  8. Love the socks. I have never learned to knit and it’s all the craze now. I do crochet and now that I am indoors more I have been crocheting quite a bit. So far I’ve completed 3 winter scarves (is that redundant?) for the little ones, a hat, the cowl I showed a bit ago, and now my daughter-in-law is dropping yarn off tomorrow so I can crochet her a hat.

  9. Really like the socks. When I’ve finished knitting my dishcloths i’ll have a go at these. Thanks

  10. oceannah says:

    LOVE THEM! My mama can knit. My daughter is learning how. I’ve never been able to get past the long scarf…the counting messes me up every time and I wind up with an ever widening or narrowing object that looks little like the intended object. I did have a bit of luck w/ crocheting a hat last year though which dd loves to wear.
    I’m with you on settling in for the winter too. When the power was out w/ the hurricane we had nice fires and the oil lamp and went to bed at reasonable hours!

    • I always liked the nights when the power goes out (though only for short periods). We put a fire in the fireplace, set up the oil lamps, make tea/coffee (we have a propane stove)and break out the cribbage board.

      • oceannah says:

        Oh Heidi I totally agree! I’ve lived off the grid and loved the simplicity of it all. The only non-negotiable for me at this point is hot running water. But w/ solar these days that is an easy-peasy set up…the rest of it, I wouldn’t mind doing without…although I might need a solar computer charger to check into the blogosphere 😉

  11. Janet S says:

    Cool! I knit, but I never seem to progress much past the scarf stage, where I’ve been since I was a kid. Great job!

  12. Those are the best homemade socks I’ve ever seen! I’ve done some crocheting of blankets, but knitting has never worked well for me – I blame it on being a lefty, even if that’s not rational! Nice post!

  13. Very impressive! I still have some “skating socks” that my grandmother knit for me.

  14. Somer says:

    Sending this pattern on to my mom! Maybe she’ll knit some for me 😉 They look great Heidi!

  15. Katie Glenn says:

    Your socks look great, even though I’m in FL it still gets cold enough here in the winter for nice footie covers. Maybe I’ll pull out my knitting supplies and give it a shot!

  16. Citysister says:

    I’ve made that pattern before and was looking for it but couldn’t remember it…thanks! I loved it and my husband needs new boot socks.

  17. Ann says:

    I love that this pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. Looks like they work up quickly…maybe I’ll actually finish both socks this time!

  18. […] this month. It just wasn’t working for me. I did manage to knit two baby toques, two pair of socks, a dishcloth and I sewed two receiving blankets for an expectant mom. I also made some beaded […]

  19. Amanda Embry says:

    Cozy! I’ve been thinking I need to make some worsted socks to wear around the house. I have made socks from actual sock yarn but I really don’t like working with such small yarn.

  20. Hi Heidi,
    Thanks so much for showing the socks which you made and the link.
    On my wishlist for knitting this year 2013 is learning to knit socks. I had found some of the instructions for other socks a bit daunting for a newbie knitter like me. However, this looks like a good one to dip my toe into, pardon the pun!

  21. Felicia says:

    How are you able to pick up 20 stitches? I only have 10 or 11.

  22. helga says:

    I love the sock class you are supplying with the pattern. I’m an accomplished knitter, but socks have always daunted me – i have weird feet since my pregnancies. Am casting on RIGHT NOW!

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