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I made socks!

I am still adjusting to the dark and the quiet of the beginnings of winter, but I am starting to enjoy it. I like having the pellet stove pumping out the heat (and so does the cat – he has taken up residence directly in front of it). I like having a candle lit in the evening. I really like being curled in my chair with the sheepskin and a blanket on my lap. This is the time of year when fatigue hits a bit harder than the other seasons, and so I have found that sitting is my favourite thing to do in the evenings. After dinner is finished and cleaned up and the horses are fed and put in the barn for the night, sitting feels good. I get bored easily, so I finally picked up some knitting again. It’s something that I used to do in university – there were several of us in residence that would knit while we studied or watched movies. I know my mom probably thought it kept me well-behaved (but it didn’t). It sounds very studious and proper though, doesn’t it? I got over it somewhere around my third year. And other than a few little knit things for the kids when they were babies, I haven’t really picked it up again since – until just this summer.

Already this year I have knit a few things – dishcloths, a baby hat, a sweater (ok, it remains unfinished and will probably be unravelled because I just don’t like it), a cowl scarf, fingerless gloves and I’m working on a toque for the mini-nephew. I really impressed myself by making some socks. I always thought socks were complicated and way out of my league until I made this pair. They aren’t beautiful or delicate – I was using up some worsted from the yarn stash, so the stitches are a little large-ish, but that is easily changed with different sized needles and a finer weight yarn.

Actually, I have already scouted out a new pattern to try and have a trip to the yarn store planned in the near future. These were so quick to knit that I am planning to make another just as soon as I am finished the toque.

In case you are also a beginner at socks and would like to try a very basic beginner pattern, here is the link for Easy Peasy Socks. It’s written in an easy conversational style, as if the writer was teaching a class and she puts extra little helpful hints in along the way. They can be easily adapted for a longer cuff as well, which I will do again, this time making a 5 or 6″ long cuff with a P2, K2 ribbing.

My grandma used to knit us socks just like these – and they were the best thing to wear inside of our skates when we were skating outside on the lake. I have grand plans to have the dad build us some ice over at the farm this winter, so I had better crank out a few more pairs. Hopefully the weather cooperates and time allows.

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