working on the weekend

We have a weekend of hard labour ahead of us. And by us, I mean mostly the dad and the kids. They look after most of the bendy work. I wear the white hat and do some light bendy work. Even then, there is probably still some epsom salt baths in my future.

The flower gardens need some attention. Lots of weeds to pull and perennials to split. We are also going to search around for some old eavestroughs to attach to the sunny side of the garage for a close at hand salad garden (our garden is a bit of a distance at the back of the property – we’ve been known to be lazy enough to drive to it – so something even closer for quick salad fixings would be nice). There is also a whole lotta lawn to start mowing this weekend. We have 6 acres of it and my in-laws have that much again. We have a full day of lawn mowing ahead at some point. And if that isn’t enough, there is a field to cultivate and get ready for the garden seeds that arrived this week.

I love the way it all works out once it’s done, but I hate the getting there part. I wonder if the tall kid will be pleased with her new lawn mowing chores this year. Up until now she has been allowed to drive the lawn mower around, but this year we drop the mower deck  on her and give her a purpose.

Hopefully it doesn’t rain until we’re done.


9 thoughts on “working on the weekend

  1. The Dad says:

    I think it’s supposed to rain this weekend. Just sayin.

  2. I guess you’d better get your raincoat ready then.

  3. I sure enjoyed this short informative update. We enjoy making our yard pretty too, but like you, oh, the work! Thing is, we’re moving to a place with a yard about one fourth the size of what we are leaving. It’s a goal we’ve been talking about for years! I’m looking forward to mowing the yard myself in a short amount of time, and not having endless flower beds to weed. Yippie!! Love your description of “the tall kid”. Have a wonderful family-fun weekend!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ya’ll have fun! I bet your “tallest” will LOVE mowing that grass! 🙂

  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    Until fairly recently when my mother-in-law passed away we also had side-by-each acres of lawn to mow. Always seemed husband was on the tractor, finish one area and start on the next and when that’s done, start over. But doesn’t it all look so great when done – thing is to remember to look, and enjoy without thinking about how it won’t last.

  6. We do. There is always time for a beer or glass of wine afterwards while we sit and survey the hard work.

    Or, more often, there is always a line up of trucks along the road, men who drive by and see my husband out on the lawn tractor, feel the need to stop and have a beer with him. Then the whole process takes twice as long. I once saw 3 trucks and a cattle box pulled over and a bunch of men standing around the tractor, kicking tires, drinking beer and shooting the .. well, you know. Seems like they can’t help by try to save each other from hard labour..

  7. introvertedblogger says:

    I really love the end result but the getting there….I need your ride on.

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