DIY stitch markers for knitting

I’ve been home from work for a couple of days, resting and icing my leg after a particularly stupid and clumsy fall in the barn led to a sprain. The doctor asked if I knew why I fell. I don’t know. I’m clumsy. It’s been a lifelong thing.

Anyway, there hasn’t been much to do, so I’ve knit and slept. Tomorrow I will probably be back to work because the pain seems to be mostly gone unless I do something stupid like try to bend my knee. You don’t realize how often you bend your leg until it hurts to do it. I’ll have to get the kids to help me with my socks in the morning, but after that I should be good to go.

Back to the knitting. I am working on another pair of socks, which require stitch markers to mark where the decreases need to happen. I have been using the tiny little plastic O’s, but they are an immense pain in the behind knee when you drop one and need to crawl around looking for it (not gonna happen). I saw something like these on-line on a knitting site once and had all of the necessary parts on hand, so I made myself a bunch of them. In socks, there are two kinds of decreases, the K2TOG (knit 2 together) and SSK (slip slip knit) – and at the toe, you need to have 4 markers to mark these decreases. So, in order not to overtax my brain looking back and forth at the pattern every row, I made two each of these marker. I made some generic beaded ones too, for other projects, but the 2 sets of KTOG and SSK are great at keeping the socks on track.

Everything you need should be easy to find at the dollar store or a craft store. You just need some metal links (or large jump rings), some metal head pins (or you can use jewelry wire and place a crimping bead on the ends), pliers and some beads. The first couple that I made I just folded over the top of the pin once the beads were in place and crimped it in place over the jump ring. The last few I made I got a little more comfortable with it and tried wrapping the wire at the ends. Here is a good instructional video that I found about making a wire wrapped loop.

And now I will go back to my knitting and my bag of frozen peas.

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29 thoughts on “DIY stitch markers for knitting

  1. Kerry says:

    So cute! Great idea!! (Love your response to the doc – hee hee)

  2. Take care of your knee — I do stuff like that all the time–the markers are cute, but I have no use for them as my foray into knitting was not met with success

  3. So sorry about your injury, hope it’s feeling better.
    I love your idea for the stitch markers. I’m making the Möbius Cowl, and using the little rings to mark stitch # 1. It’s a pain, gets tangled in the yarn, and I can’t find it. I must make these markers! Carolyn

  4. edaozmen says:

    What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing the great tips 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    You are so clever Heidi. The markers are a great idea, and shockingly, I have all the things I need to make a few. Which I will do tonight, because the ones I’m using get stuck in the yarn too.

    I’m crazy about those socks. That color is so pretty!

    Darn it! I was hoping to hear the knee was doing much better. It sounds painful. Ouch! At least you got to do some knitting on your time off, that’s a plus, right? 😉

    • Thanks – I like the yarn too. It’s nice and soft, so I bought enough to make a baby sweater and I’ve already made a baby cap out of it.

      The knee is getting much better. A couple of days rest has been good for it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your leg, hope you are doing better soon. I’m like you, ask my how I hurt myself and I’m liable to give you a very sarcastic answer. 🙂 Isn’t it strange how we think we would love a day to sit and do nothing for a change, when it happens (for me usually due to injury) all I want to do is get up and do something. I’m not good at sitting around because I can’t get up.

  7. lvaletutto says:

    This is a really good idea and they can even double as key-chain ornaments or possibly even earrings when you’re done! How cool would that be to have earrings that say ssk and k2tog! Love it!

  8. oceannah says:

    Heidi that yarn color is scrumptious! I’m no knitter but love the idea all the same.
    Hope you are on the mend!

  9. So sorry about your accident…but you still keep going and going like the energizer bunny…lol Diane

  10. Tammy says:

    I fell a year ago and am still slow and sore. It isn’t fun getting older. I don’t do any handwork but I love to read the posts of those who do.

  11. Ann says:

    I love these! What a great idea. Those “O”s make me crazy, as I dig around for them in the cushions of the sofa after one slips off the needle. Off to Michael’s to buy some bitty alphabet beads.

    Hope your knee is okay!

  12. Lynne Ayers says:

    I’m not a knitter, but I have to say, you are so clever.

  13. Somer says:

    My mom would love these. She’s never without a new knitting project. How’s the knee now?

  14. Sorry to hear about your fall, I’ve fallen in the past at my allotment and I felt such a fool, but I didn’t trip over anything in particular, so I know exactly waht you mean.

    Love the stitch markers, great idea

  15. […] of socks, a dishcloth and I sewed two receiving blankets for an expectant mom. I also made some beaded stitch markers to solve the problem of losing those tiny little O’s that I normally use. It felt good to […]

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