hockey hair

My favourite easy way to deal with bored, hormone addled, completely bizarre 11 year old girls who have a crush on a boy named Will? Let someone else do it.

Thankyou, Susan.

The tall hormonal kid is going to her aunt’s house for the night. The small squeeky one is having another 8 year old friend stay for the night, which means she will be entertained nicely too. I might manage to read my library book. In peace.

Today I’ve already done the hockey shuttling and watching from the stands. I even managed to take them for breakfast and a haircut. The breakfast was only because the hair salon wasn’t open yet, so we decided to kill a little time with coffee and pancakes. And in the hair salon I managed to talk the tall hormonal one into finally cutting off the mullet. She was starting to look like Rob Lowe in Youngblood.


What? Oh.

I think I was saying that it pays to have family close and to have friends around for your children to play with. Or I was getting close to coming to that point.

That, and you can convince an 11 year old girl that a haircut would dramatically decrease the dork factor of the bangs that I cut too short last week. Hockey hair worked for Rob Lowe in the 80s. It doesn’t work for my daughter in 2012.

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4 thoughts on “hockey hair

  1. sj says:

    My oldest son is 12 and he’s got some pretty long hair. We let him keep it because he likes it and it really does look good on him. I did have to try to convince him a few months ago that bangs are a bad idea for a boy.

    They’re actually a bad idea for me, too.

  2. Heidi says:

    I really should have taken a picture of her hair before I cut it off, just in case in the future she starts thinking about a mullet again. Growing the sides at the same time as the back works much better.

  3. 3guys1movie says:

    “Rob Lowe in Youngblood” LMAO

    Just got my boy’s hair cut for the first time a few weeks ago at 3.5 years-old went surprisingly well.

    enjoyed checking out your blog


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