an easy hair mask for frizzy or curly hair


It’s been a while since I wrote about anything to do with homemade products, so I thought I’d show something simple that I used on my hair last night.

I have curly hair that tends to dry out easily. I wake up with freakishly frizzy hair that looks like the stylists for Whitesnake and Motley Crue broke into my house while I was sleeping and teased my hair. The dad is kind and averts his eyes and says nothing. Usually I am able to beat it into submission with a shower and some kind of hair product, but lately it was getting a little out of hand. Last night I made a quick hot oil treatment and the results are nice, submissive shiny curls this morning. Mostly. The curls tend to do their own thing. I call it a good day if I look less like Richard Simmons and more like Phyllis Diller. But it was shiny. And soft. And more importantly, it wasn’t frizzy.

I used coconut oil, honey and apple cider vinegar; each ingredient on its own has conditioning and moisturizing qualities. The apple cider vinegar also removes hair product residue from hair, works as a natural de-tangler and leaves hair soft and smooth. I’ve used it in the past as a rinse after shampooing (mixed with water in a squirt bottle) and my hair always felt great afterwards. And you stop smelling like a french fry as soon as your hair dries.

This made enough to cover my chin length hair, so if you have longer hair just mix a larger batch. The measurements don’t have to be precise, just in approximately the same ratio as below.

Moisturizing Coconut Oil, Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar

Mix together in a glass jar or container that can be heated. Warm in a hot water bath or place in the microwave for a few seconds until the oil and honey are warmed and runny. Apply to dry hair, cover with an old towel or shower cap and leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing hair.

I had to borrow the new cap that I bought for our new bathroom caddy (a wine bottle holder that we found hidden in our bathtub after our annual ugly gift exchange).


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45 thoughts on “an easy hair mask for frizzy or curly hair

  1. You’ve found a great role for your caddy! Will you be giving him up or keeping him?

  2. Raven Style says:

    I am so trying this on my fro!

  3. Sounds like a good remedy for “winter hair” too

  4. Kerry says:

    Sounds delish!…hilarious about that shower cap : )

  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow! This sounds (smells & tastes) great; plus good for you, your pocketbook AND the environment?! Awesome Heidi, thanks!
    (Lovin’ those polka dots; )

  6. oceannah says:

    so have you named him Mario or Luigi?
    My daughter has very long straight hair but she’s a frizz-ball. We’re always on the lookout for anti-frizz stuff that do not contain words with 22 syllables. Three ingredients, I can handle.


  7. Shira says:

    Looks wonderful Heidi! I am with you and have a tendency towards dry frizzy hair, especially in the winter. This looks too easy not to try! I’ll keep you posted, thanks!

  8. So nice when all of the ingredients are already in my cupboard!

  9. You took your ugly gift and decided he needed some bright colors? 🙂 I had never thought of using honey on my hair, I’ve used it on my face, a simple sugar and honey scrub worked wonders at a time my skin was driving me nuts. Not sure I’d be satisfied with a Phyllis Diller do either.

  10. jenfletcher says:

    Look forward to trying this!! Ah, the joys of curly hair……

  11. Allyson says:

    This is a great idea! I should try this, because my hair is out of control with the frizz! I would love if you would come over and share this or another project at my link party going on right now! Hope to see you!

  12. Richard Simmons! Ha!

  13. I will try this on my son 🙂

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  15. P says:

    I will really give anything a go with my unruly locks! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Somer says:

    My ends are totally nappy from the winter. I need this potion! Thanks Heidi!

  17. Hi Heidi! Awesome post, thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday! 🙂

  18. Subtlekate says:

    I love your recipes.

  19. Cassandra says:

    Being another of the frizzy out of control curly brigade, I love this recipe! Will have to try it soon. I find winter is worst on my hair – the extra moisture in the air just sends it haywire!

  20. Thanks for this good tip! I must do this soon! 🙂 I love the last picture a lot! 🙂 Hahahahahhaha!

  21. Thank you sooooo much! I shall be trying this soon! Judging by the comments above there are a lot of us out there who are going to have the sleekest curls in the world before very long! 🙂


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  24. Kathy Smith says:

    Is this a once a week treatment?

  25. naimavanswol says:

    Sounds great! I’ve got frizzy curly hair, too. I use every sort of chemical imaginably. Next time post pics before and after, if you’re feeling brave.

  26. Leanne says:

    I tried this mask but instead of coconut oil I used argan oil, the result was amazing!!
    I have Pro Naturals argan oil and I`m very happy with it. have you used argan oil?

  27. NewYorkG says:

    Just like you, I have long curly hair that tends to dry-out and frizz. I used the Shielo Restoration OIl (applied to wet hair) helps retain the natural curl while adding deep shine and hydration. I have used Shielo’s Oil daily for 6 weeks…and my hair looks so healthy!

  28. etta says:

    Trying this is just a few minutes. We will see.

  29. etta says:

    Heidi, Does it need to be raw honey? I tried it with grocery store honey. My curls are no longer frizzy. Mine our not tight curls but the ends are frizzy.

  30. Catherine says:

    Great tip and recipe. I’m anxious to try. I spray diluted, apply cider vinegar following shampoo and conditioner. Soft and smooth. 🙂

  31. Barbara says:

    It smells horrible

  32. Grace says:

    can this be left in over night

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