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kamikazi birds & trying to keep my front window bird-face print free

Yet another poor bird has crashed into my front window. While it’s amusing to the cat, most of the rest of us feel kinda bad for the poor birds. The last one left a dusty inprint on the window that we’d kept there for a while as a memorial to him (well, it was more out of laziness – I hate washing windows).

When the sun reflects off of the window, it reflects back like a mirror and for some reason attracts the birds right to it. I finally got around to washing my front window, so I took action and made a cut-out of a hawk to hopefully deter further kamikazi dives. The cut-out template can be found here.

I’m also hoping that the birdfeeder in front of the window might give them pause for a moment and make them slow down and consider a snack before smacking into the front window. I’ve seen Hitchcock’s The Birds often enough to not want birds crashing through my windows.

And if that doesn’t work, I hope the lounging tween on the swing beside the window will do the trick.

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