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adventures in crunchier personal care

I’ve had mixed results with my switch to healthier beauty products so far. I tried an all natural bar shampoo that made my hair limp and greasy. Not to mention the apple cider vinegar rinse that I used in place of conditioner made me smell like a chip truck until my hair dried each day. I’ve read that your hair goes through a short freak-out stage of withdrawal from the oil stripping chemicals in normal shampoo, but I couldn’t outlast it. I went back to shampoo. I’ll try something else, but I’m not willing to pay $30 for organic shampoo.

The crystal deodorant I’m very happy with. It was relatively inexpensive ($5.95) and should last for a long time. You just put it on while you are still wet from the shower, or wet the stick itself and apply. Supposedly, if you are not showering first, you should wash before applying or any sweaty ickyness on your body might contaminate the stick. So put it on clean.

So far I don’t stink. I reserve my final judgement until I’ve spent a day gardening in the hot sun.

My only other caution about this deodorant – if you want to avoid dancing around the bathroom doing the peepee dance after applying to freshly shaved underarms, use a sharp razor. Dull razors = chewed up skin. Chewed up skin + mineral salts = OUCH.

My other switch has been to handmade soaps. I have to admit this switch was really easy. My skin has felt great all winter. I found liv simple farms at a local craft sale before Christmas and have been using her soaps ever since. She raises goats and grows lavender to make her own soaps. She has different scent combinations available, but I really like the lavendar peppermint and lavendar eucalyptus. She does mail order too.

I’m open to suggestions about the shampoo thing. Maybe I’ll try making it, like the Townhouse Homesteaders’ DIY.

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