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quiet moments



They don’t happen that often with these two. It’s worth recording. I need to be reminded occasionally that they can be still and quiet.

They were both just passing moments in a Sunday afternoon. We have managed to clean stalls, organize the books and furniture stored in the basement, unpack the sewing room, bake cookies and put a turkey in the oven. Not bad for a shortened Sunday. Now we get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the day.

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company for breakfast

I had company out on the deck this morning for a few minutes before I left for work. It seems that even toads like to sit and reflect on a hazy grey morning. I’m not sure what manner of insect that is hanging from his mouth, but I’m happy to have him dispose of it for me.

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c’mon summer..

Two more days until school is out and summer vacation officially starts for the kids, until I don’t have to make school lunches anymore, supervise homework, listen to piano practicing, until bedtimes are fluid, clothing doesn’t have to match and schedules are thrown out.

Nine more days until we head to the island to a cottage with no running water or electricity. We’ll have propane lights and a propane stove and that’s it. We’ll be unplugged, but tuned in. A couple of coolers of food, a stack of books from the library, full tank of gas for the boat and a full tank of propane for the stove and we’ll be all set to do.. nothing and anything.

With any luck this year the cormorants have moved on. Last year we awoke to an unholy noise at 5 am that sounded like what I can only imagine a Pterodactyl attack would sound like. I don’t think I’d ever heard anything so loud before.

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