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Outside my window:

It’s sunny and warm. The cat is sunning and keeping an eye out for birds at the feeder, the dog is napping. the dad is mowing lawn and the kids are running wild playing.

I am thinking:

About how to convince the dad that we need a donkey again. There used to be donkeys here at the farm to keep the cows company (there are neither cows nor donkeys now) and the neighbouring farmer has said that he would be more than happy to provide one. I just need to find a good reason why to convince the dad.

I am thankful:

That my mom was able to get me in to see her hairdresser to fix the haircut that I got earlier in the week. It made me look like a cross between Bart Simpson’s Aunt Selma and my mom’s Shih Tzu. It looks much better now. It’s short, but considering what she had to work with, that’s ok.

In the kitchen:

Nothing is happening. We’ve been invited to a barbeque and bonfire at the neighbours for the evening, which nicely solves the problem of what to make for dinner.

I am wearing:

A t-shirt, cargo pants and sandals. I will have to change before dinner.

I am creating:

Nothing, unless you count planting some containers and setting up a bit of an arrangement of furniture and “stuff” on the front porch. Previously, the front porch and front door didn’t get any use because the driveway comes up to the side of the house and everyone just walked in through the garage or the screened porch. Now that we’ve moved in and storage customers will be coming to the house, I’ve posted a couple of signs for them to come to the front door and ring the doorbell. So far it’s working.

I am going:

To have a nap before dinner.

I am wondering:

If the newly approved experimental MS drug that is supposed to be delivered to the house directly from the drug company will work. Since it’s a drug that is supposed to prevent further exacerbations or disability (but maybe not all), it will be difficult to tell.


I am reading:

A Wanted Man by Lee Child. It’s mystery/suspense escapism.


I am hoping:

The kids remain peaceful and don’t start fighting. Oops, too late.

I am looking forward to:

Getting back to work soon. I’m getting bored at home.

I am learning:

That taking it slow is smarter. On the days that I feel ok and end up doing too much, I pay for it the next day. Hopefully that will get better soon.

Around the house:

The dad and the kids have hilled the potatoes today, mowed lawn, put down grass seed at Baba’s house and we’ve watered the plants and swept the patio. And then the wind blew it all back.

A favorite quote for today:

I usually take a two-hour nap from one to four. Yogi Berra 

One of my favorite things:

Cherries. They’ve been on sale the last few weeks and I’ve been eating them continuously. I don’t think I can get sick of cherries.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

I haven’t made any plans. I’m ok with that.

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signs of autumn

The small squeaky kid always insists on scarecrows.

That one last pot of passata before the tomatoes were all done. And now they are done.

Apples bought from the local orchard – our tree didn’t produce anything this year.

Some of the last few harvests from the garden.

Piano lessons starting.

We are nearly done with the garden for the season. I’ll miss the fresh produce, but I think I’m ok with a short break from it all. There are still a few things to be done. We have to cure and store the potatoes, make sauerkraut, freeze the last of the kohlrabi and make some slaw with some of it, bake and puree some pumpkins and I’m going to try making some Lousiana style red hot sauce with the last of the jalapenos. I also noticed tonight that there are a ton of little green peppers on the plants still, so if it warms up a bit more again, we’ll have more of them to cut up for the freezer. And there will be a few stuffed acorn squash for dinner this week (shh.. don’t tell my kids). I’m still waiting to see if the brussels sprouts grow – so far with have big leafy plants, but no sprouts. I suspect that means no sprouts, period. It was our first attempt, maybe next year we’ll have better luck.

I turned the heat on tonight for the first time too – that is a definite sign of autumn. We’re snuggled up under blankets waiting for the dad and the tall kid to return from hockey practice. There might even be tea in my future. That’s a far cry from the beer on the back deck that we were enjoying at this point last month.

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