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lavender cooling spray

It’s stinking hot here right now. I’m not overly enjoying it, though I can imagine that the tall hormonal kid’s 6th grade teacher is enjoying it even less right about now. Imagine a classroom that you can taste.

Anyway, for¬†anybody who might be a little heat intolerant like me, or experiencing hot flashes, here’s something I made that cools and smells nice.

Lavender Cooling Spray

  • 1/4 cup rose water
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil
  • small spray bottle

Add rose water to the spray bottle. Add lavender essential oil. Shake the mixture vigorously prior to use. Spritz liberally to cool off.

* You can make it with peppermint essential oil too, but this smells more like summer to me.

safe enough to experiment with on your youngest child

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