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at the fair

it was hot enough that jackets and gloves were excused

This is more of a journal entry than a blog post. It’s nice to have a spot to write down the little things that happen in our everyday lives so that we are able to look back on it later on.

It was a busy weekend for us, and a hot one. The small squeaky kid was entered to ride in 4 classes in the fair, but in the end we stayed only for two. It was just too hot. The ponies and riders were done and worn out early. My little 3 year old neice rode her pony, but I showed up too late. She placed first in her class, got lots of ahhhhs, and I missed it! Next time. Squeaky took home two ribbons too and was quite happy with herself. It was the neice’s first show and squeaky’s second, so a good job was done by all. And did I mention how hot it was?

We went home, some friends of the girls came over for a sleepover and we spent most of the time hiding from the heat, though there was a visit to the lake for some swimming after dinner that night.

I had plans to accomplish much more this weekend, but it was just too unpleasant outside. The humidity is awful. Even the dog prefers the basement, where it’s cool.

I hope it rains soon. Our garden needs it and the heat needs to break, a little.

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a country kid’s weekend

lying under the willow tree listening to a CBC podcast (really)

playing in the sand pile under the willow tree

Dali and Clifford coming to say hello

riding Dillon

hanging out with dad

just because I need proof that they actually get along sometimes

Happy 9th Birthday, Squeaks

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signing up for 4-H

Our tall hormonal kid is signing up for some 4-H clubs this weekend. Is it a little weird or slightly geeky that I’m excited about it? I was in 4-H for a few years, starting at her age. I learned to cook, sew, quilt, bake bread, judge hay (and I wasn’t a farm girl) and I think there was even a girly make-up and homemade beauty product club (funny how life has come full circle again). I even attended one with my husband way back in the days when I still thought he was a dork. It was outdoor adventuring or something similar. I think I could still manage to arrange shelter if stuck in the woods without much for supplies. He’d probably be sleeping out in the rain.

The dad was in Junior Farmers – I’m not even sure if they still exist. Mostly, I think he learned how to train a heifer to lead by pulling it along behind a tractor the day before the fair.

I went on a 4-H exchange to Saskatchewan for a week when I was 15 and attended weekend conferences at Kemptville College – little tastes of independence in my early teen years. I hope our kids have similar experiences. For now, we’re off to sign up for a horse club and a cooking club.

Personally, I hope she signs up for a cake making club. I could get behind that venture.

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