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repurposed eavestroughs – herb garden

It seems wrong now that we finally have a bit of snow, but we’ve started discussing the vegetable garden. We’re in the process of making lists of seeds and plants that we want.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not to start our own pepper and tomato plants or just buy them. Last year we bought them. I don’t really have a good sunny window spot at home to start them, though I think my mother in law might still have a set up in her basement from when she used to start flower seeds. I’ll have to look into that. And figure out the work involved.

I’m inherently lazy, so the less work the better. There is a neighbour down the road that starts tomato plants and we bought some from her last year. They were all fantastic.

Our vegetable garden is a bit of a walk from the house. We put it at the back of a soybean field over at the farm. Not convenient for quick herb or lettuce cutting. I instead attempted to grow herbs in some pots next to our deck, but the dog decided to sleep in them and killed the herbs. So, I got excited when I found this:

Original post from HomeGrown.org. Click picture for link.

We have the perfect south facing wall on our garage for this. It should be ornamental as well, I think. Imagine the convenience. And the husband says that we won’t have a problem finding some old eaves troughs for this. People around here keep everything. ‘Cause you never know when you might need one of those..

I will definitely have to post a picture of this when we do it.

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