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enjoying a quiet February and a quick tip and video for t-shirt folding


I haven’t been adding much here lately. I have to admit that I am liking the quietness of February and don’t feel too pushed to try anything new this month. We’ve been cooking and baking tried and true recipes, we’ve been back and forth to hockey, there was a sleepover with some friends of the girls last night and tonight we have some more friends coming for dinner. Just the usual, but without the feeling of rushing around.

I found this neat little video and after trying it out a couple of times to master the steps, I proceeded to refold all of the t-shirts in my closet (I know that there is probably therapy available for obsessiveness like this, but it seems harmless enough). In two seconds t-shirts are neatly folded, just like Sheldon Cooper and his cool little folding contraption thingie, but without the need for the folding contraption thingie. I bet you try it out after watching the video.

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