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today at the farm

006Today the dad hosted a skeet shoot and potluck lunch for the local DU committee volunteers (he is a committee member himself).

017The dad taking his turn.

028008The horse and ponies hanging out happily in the field.

034The girls playing with their toy horses and the new stable that they made from an old bookshelf.

It’s a cool day outside, we’ve used up our energy early and are looking forward to a quiet night in the den with the fire turned on.

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the dog and the chipmunk are in cahoots

I keep a crate of apples outside our front door to encourage us to grab one as a snack. The kids have easy access when they are playing outside, and customers or visitors can grab one as well. It’s a nice cool, shaded spot that is covered and safe from the rain; perfect for apple storage. The only problem is Dean, the chipmunk that lives in a crack in our fieldstone front porch. He drives the cat crazy every day by running back and forth in front of his window (the day the cat went outside it took a few moments for Dean to realize that his protective glass barrier has somehow been removed and a very frenetic chase ensued). Dean eats exactly half of an apple every day. When I get home from work in the evening, I find this every time:

I also find the dog sitting patiently, waiting for me to throw him the rest of the apple. He can’t reach the apple crate because our invisible fence prevents him from coming on the front porch. They seem to have a sweet little set-up going.

This is my solution – I found this fellow (I call him Frank – our rodents have a Rat Pack theme) in the dollar store while scouting out Halloween treat bags. He now resides on my front porch with the apples, to act as chipmunk deterrent. I’m hopeful, but with my luck the chipmunk will find him attractive and make friends or try to have its babies. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, Chester the dog will continue to get the occasional apple as a treat. I don’t mind giving him a whole one.

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