I have been quiet here lately, so I am trying this format to try to get back into the swing of things.


Outside my window:

It’s sunny and there is no sign of snow falling, but that could change. It almost always does these days. The snow is thigh deep on the dad – and he is 6’3″. I haven’t tried going out in it.

There are blue jays fighting at the bird feeders and a bunny is hoovering up the fallen seeds underneath. The cat remains glued in his front row seat to the goings on. Occasionally he moves to another window for a better view, which we call “changing the channel”.

I am thinking:

That I should probably get myself in gear and clean up and get dressed. Or maybe just pour another coffee and finish watching Coronation Street.

I am thankful:

For a lot these days; helpful family members, a handy husband (he’s been in a non-stop fix-it and repair cycle around here these days), well mannered kids that I get compliments on from strangers, and neighbours with big snowplows.


In the kitchen:

There are tins of muffins and chocolate chip cookies packed and ready to go with us to today’s hockey tournament games. The small squeaky kid helped me bake most of the morning yesterday so that we could have snacks for the driving this weekend. Add to that a few apples and we are ready to go.

ice wolves

I am going:

To enjoy watching two more hockey games today. The tall hormonal kid’s hockey team is the top team in their league, but will have to play hard to make up for the loss of the tournament game that they had yesterday. My grandmother was able to attend yesterday and should be there again today – which is a nice treat for all of us. The tournament is on her home turf, so we were able to have a visit.

I am reading:

The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler. It was last month’s book club selection. I missed the meeting, but the book is good and I want to finish it anyway.

I am hoping:

That it doesn’t snow today. We have enough.

I am looking forward to:

Getting over the current MS exacerbation and getting back to work. It’s been dragging on for a while and I am tired of my own company. The rest and recovery period is necessary, I understand that, but it is more than a little boring.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

More of the same as the past few weeks. I’m sure it will snow some more. There will be visits with the physiotherapist, the occupational therapist and the doctor, and probably a hockey game or two.

21 thoughts on “today

  1. shoes says:

    Your blue jays changing of the channel gave me a chuckle.

    And I am sure I have said this before, but I will say it again – I enjoy this format you use with the headings that capture little moments in your life. I just may have to give it a try myself.

  2. simpleintn says:

    Heidi, your life sounds beautiful, in spite of your health challenges. Even though your writing makes everything sound eazy peazy, I suspect being snowed in AND not feeling well is difficult. May spring be sprung soon and hoping you’ll feel better with the change!

  3. Fairy says:

    Hello Heidi

    I love this format ad cat at the window is gorgeous. I can just imagine him ‘changing channels’!

    Hope your MS improves soon and best wishes to the tall, hormonal kid and her hockey team.

  4. I love your posts–you are like my favourite writers–you make everyday things important–and that is what they are–they are what makes us tick
    love the cat in the window–mine is downstairs in the basement perched up on some chairs hanging on the wall (to keep them dry if it floods) and is watching what is going on in our backyard–he misses going out, but is a smart cat and does not like the cold, cold
    I too hope that you go back to “normal” and get back to work–but for someone who is not working you are mighty busy!

    • Mine misses going outside too – and every now and again tries darting out an open door – but then darts right back in again. We are all looking forward to some warm spring weather soon.

      It probably sounds like I am more busy than I am, but it is good to have a little busy-ness happening. It keeps me sane.

  5. Nice post, easy to read format. I hope you feel better soon and hopefully not too much more snow for you. Good luck with the hockey games!

  6. jmgoyder says:

    I love the format and the contemplative nature of this post.

  7. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey Heidi, looks like we’re in for some warm (and damp): damp weather this week… But no matter, you can feel the sun getting stronger, the days longer and it looks like we’re on the back of winter, so hang in there – Spring IS on the way!
    Hope the tournament ended on a high note!

    • Is it supposed to get warm? I’ll look forward to it then. Hopefully it won’t be raining when the tall kid goes skiing tomorrow – I heard some awful rumour about 10cms of snow..

      They won 2 games to get into the semi-final, but lost that one. We were all ok with cutting it short at that point anyway. The next game wouldn’t have been until tonight, putting us home quite late at night. I don’t think anyone was too disappointed in the loss.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Yup, snow’s supposed to start sometime tonight (and the barometer’s already on the move): They’re calling for temps rising to just below freezing, w/ possibility of snow (and yes, I heard the dreaded 10-15cm thing too): Highs of +2* for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and rain Friday with something similar down your way. Hmm, almost sounds like sugaring-off weather, hey? But just a little too soon, methinks…
        Oops! Left this to marinate (forgot; ) Meanwhile, it’s snowing like nuts out there, so hold onto your hat; ’cause here she comes!!

  8. Sorry that you’re still having issues .. hope you did get to see your daughter’s hockey games…..I concur re the snow..enough already!

    Lately my level of activity seems to be somewhat like yours but I don’t have the same reasons to be deciding whether to get dressed …. or just sit and Blog or watch some tv or both …..

    Hope you soon start to feel better… Diane

  9. Hi Heidi, it sounds like you have a good team at home especially with the guard cat. Hope you rally round soon. Love the hockey pic!

  10. I could just run and jump in that snow – but it might bury me! We have only had a light scattering over here and even then with so little I couldn’t get my car back to my house – if it got to be so deep I might just stay at home too and look at it from the window.
    Hope you are soon on the mend – but it is good and very restorative to sit and just be and contemplate life although I realise it is not exactly through choice!
    Those biscuits look good! Take care.

    • The kids every now and then get stuck in the snow while trying to take a shortcut through the fields. It’s pretty high right now, but it is pretty to look at. It makes for a nice drive through the countryside and I have to admit that the place looks pretty good with a nice covering of snow. No gardens to weed.

  11. Lois Field says:

    I am with you waiting and watching for spring. I have a hole in my ceiling from a water pipe leaking. The plumber can’t fix it until temperatures rise a bit above freezing. It’s been weeks. 😦

    How nice that your grandmother was able to watch the hockey game. My children loved when their great-grandparents could make one of their games or other activities.

    Hope you feel better soon. A break in these sub-freezing temps should help, I know they will me and if we ever get enough melt I will enjoy being out in fresh air again.

  12. Danielle says:

    I am catching up on my favorite blogs (real bummer that it has taken me this long) and see I’ve missed many of yours. 😦 But I love the format of this post–I hope you don’t mind if I try that on my own now and then. Very efficient and I loved reading about what you’re reading, eating, etc. Off I go to read more and try to get completely caught up on the happenings here at Lightly Crunchy before I’m interrupted. 🙂

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