a cautionary tale (tail?)


When old male dogs think that they can play with younger female pups, they get more than they bargain for. Friends of ours came for a visit on the weekend and our old dog thought he should try to keep up to theirs. By Sunday, all that he was able to move was his eyes.


19 thoughts on “a cautionary tale (tail?)

  1. Oh he is gorgeous – I had a Chocolate Labrador for 16 years, she still thought that she was a puppy right up to the end.

  2. Lois Field says:

    Poor boy, it’s horrible realizing you are young anymore.

  3. Lois Field says:

    I meant aren’t young any more.

  4. So is this a cautionary tale for dogs or their owners? 🙂 I guess we can both learn this lesson.

  5. poor dude looks spent big time. I bet he was living it up while it lasted though.

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Poor guy! (Truly sucks when you suddenly realise, even though your brain hasn’t aged, that your body’s gotten “old”):

  7. So funny… he is definitely ‘pooped’… (no put intended) Diane

  8. simpleintn says:

    He’s just ‘returning to simpler iiving’ Heidi 😉

  9. Poor old boy. I hope he had fun while it lasted.

  10. Oh, this is too cute! I am currently renting a basement apartment from my parents to save for a house. Collectively, we have 4 dogs at random ages: 9, 8, 6, and 1. The puppy (1 year old) completely drains the other three dogs. It’s funny watching them try to keep up!

  11. slfinnell says:

    Just look at those eyes! Makes me miss my golden 😦 give him a hug for me!!

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