This weekend the family got together for the re-unveiling of a plaque in honour of a veteran family member. Col. Baker was the dad’s great uncle and one of the founders of the CNIB. The plaque had been broken by a fallen tree many years ago and removed from it’s original spot. It has finally been restored and relocated to a local park.

It was nice to see some far away family members for reasons other than a funeral for a change. We went from the park to a local pub/restaurant and had a few drinks and a good visit.


a few of the great-great nieces (tall kid and small kid) and great-great nephew

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11 thoughts on “remembering

  1. shoes says:

    Wow – those are some pretty impressive achievements! A very nice reason to get together with family indeed.

  2. He was an impressive and inspirational man. Glad your family could get together to honor him.

  3. It’s a good kind of ‘pride’….. Diane

    • I think so too – I like that the girls have a role model in their own family, even if they never had the opportunity to meet him. They’ve done some research on him for past Remembrance Days, so they know some of his history.

  4. Heidi, I see signs like that around this area dating back to the American Revolution, but have never had a family link to any one commemorated by them, what a nice opportunity for family to gather.

  5. What a nice occasion for your family.

  6. Laura says:

    Wow! What a legacy!

  7. What a lovely picture – you must be so proud of your heritage.

  8. What a man he was! It’s lovely when family members can get together to celebrate something as special as this relative. Thank you for the story. 🙂

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