Outside my window:

The dad is cutting the broken branch off of the crabapple tree. It was so full of apples that it broke off during the last big storm. It’s cool and cloudy, a typical late summer/early autumn day.


I am thinking:

That it seems like it should be later in the day than it is. It feels like we’ve done a full day’s work already. The dad and the tall kid have been to hockey, we’ve been out in the garden and have dealt with the resulting harvest, the girls have gone with their grandma to plant bulbs at the cemetery and the dad has mowed the lawn. Now we are relaxing a bit and waiting for some friends to swing by and accompany the dad in to his store to pick up some DIY materials that he ordered for them.

I am thankful:

For Keith’s Cider. It makes dealing with tomatoes a little more pleasant.


In the kitchen:

I’ve been busy today. I’ve made a batch of pesto; two jars to freeze and one that will be part of our dinner tonight. I’ve used the Foodsaver (itย was a recent present to myself)ย to package three bags of chard for the freezer and three bags of zucchini coins. There is also a big bag of washed lettuce in the fridge for work lunches this week and a big pot of tomato basil sauce cooking on the stove.

I am wearing:

Among other things, a sweater. I love sweater weather. I really don’t miss the humidity of earlier in the week. Within two days, we went from 28C down to 12C. It’s wonderful.

I am creating:

Nothing right now, though I was thinking that I should make a pouch to hold my Kobo reader so that it doesn’t get scratched in my purse.

I am going:

Back to work tomorrow. I had a few weeks off again because of a new MS flare-up. Hopefully that is it for a while. I’m sure my workplace is hoping the same thing. I have a bit of a lasting speed wobble this time, so I have a new cane to help with that problem, but hope not to need it too much.

I am reading:

I just finished a John Sandford mystery last night and am trying again to pick my way through some library books.

I am hoping:

That we have a frost soon so we can stop dealing with tomatoes.

I am looking forward to:

Winter. I know I complain about it when it’s here, but I like having the fire on, the quiet that goes along with it and I don’t mind bundling up a bit. I hope it’s a cold enough winter that we can build an ice rink here for the girls.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Now that we are back into the school routine, it goes like this: school, work, laundry, hockey and horses. Occasionally we throw a little something extra in there, like visits with family and friends, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m often one of the last people to know about our plans. Somehow, that works for us. The dad lives by the theory that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for agreement.


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24 thoughts on “today

  1. Thank you for sharing – it is great to peek into the windows of other peoples lives ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I guess you ‘will’ be glad to think about not having the garden to take care of…even though it brings you so many wonderful veggies…

    Hope it goes well for you back at work…. Diane

  3. Don’t laugh but I didn’t even know you could freeze zucchini. I am liking the cooler air too!

  4. shoes says:

    A lovely peek into your world. And I agree with you about Winter – there is something about a nice fire and candles in a cozy house surrounded by dark and cold that is so comforting. One of the reasons I wanted to move away from Phoenix, AZ was the lack of seasons, especially Winter.

  5. I lost my one and only apple due to strong winds yesterday!
    Anyway, I hope all is well back at work for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hope your return to work goes well.

  7. So glad you are doing well enough to be able to return to work. The change in the weather bothered me some, I need a slower transition than we got. You should be happy to know the farmer’s almanac has announced a very cold winter and i believe your area was included. I’m not really looking forward to the cold but I have to admit I love sweaters. Please don’t bring a frost on quite yet!!

    Which John Sanford did you read, does he have a new one out? Oh and your husband’s theory is funny. I’m sure after a while I would get used to it, but I don’t like plans being made for me without my knowing about them.

    • I’ve had 18 years to get used to my husband’s way of making plans. In the end, it works for us – he is the extrovert to my introvert. We seem to balance that way.

      The Sandford book was The Hanged Man’s Song – not new, but a new series to me. I had not heard of the Kidd series, just the other two that he has written, so I’m looking forward to finding the others.

      I wouldn’t mind a cold winter, but I know you’d like it warmer. I hope it goes easy on you. We have opposite reactions to weather – I actually feel better in the cold weather.

      • Isn’t that strange how similar in cause our disorders are yet we experience so many things differently, actually the opposite ends of the spectrum. My area was one of the areas that made the news on the almanac as being severe in winter weather. I plan to stay home all winter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, I am trying to plan for not needing to go out with stocking the freezer with food, I was given a place that will deliver groceries to limit the number of times I need my daughter-in-law to pick things up for me, etc. Now all I need is a wood stove in here and I wouldn’t care how long winter lasted.

        I read that one. I was so into the Prey books it took me a while to enjoy the Kidd series, but they are good now that I have gotten to know the characters.

        • You’ve got a good plan for the winter then – hopefully you don’t have to go out too often. Do you have lots of projects to work on to entertain yourself? I know you have limited space, but I remember my sister had an electric heater that looked just like a woodstove, right down to a little flickering flame.

          • No, I don’t have an electric heater they are not allowed in the building due to the fire hazards. I do have plenty of things to keep me busy during the winter. I often think I have too many hobbies but in the end I am rarely bored. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have fallen way behind on getting my new-to-me bed frame sanded down and restored so that will be first on my list along with reupholstering the loveseat. Of course I’ve been wanting to paint the bathroom, and…..

  8. Hope work is ok for you. I had to laugh at your comment ‘I hoping that we have a frost soon so we can stop dealing with tomatoes’ ….that’s exactly how I feel as it’s been such a bumper year but I just can’t bare to compost them lol.

  9. How lovely to read about your day. I really enjoyed this. I just now found you in blog world and thought following your blog would be a great idea.

  10. I’ve been saving this post in my reader all week, waiting for a moment when I could come back and post a comment. Love that first photo. Beautiful focus and colours.

  11. DeDivahDeals says:

    Congratulations on your Good Neighbor Nomination and enjoy the first week of Autumn.

  12. Tammy says:

    I am jealous of your sweater and your tomatoes.

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