Outside my window:

It’s sunny and warm, but the humidity has finally cleared away. We’ve had the air conditioning off for two days now and have the windows open again, enjoying the weather, slight breeze and the sound of the birds. And right now, the sound of the dad on the lawnmower.


I am thinking:

That I’m too old to stay out late mid-week any more. We went to an Eagle’s concert in Toronto on Thursday night and I am still tired. Working after just a few hours of sleep in your mid 40’s just feels like punishment.

On the other hand, the concert was good, and compared to the rest of the crowd, I am young. There’s certainly no mosh pit or crowd surfing at an Eagle’s concert – someone could break a hip. Even the front of the stage security guys were sitting in chairs. Fortunately, no granny panties were flung, but there were a lot of older women yelling, “I love you Joe!”.

I am thankful:

That pleasant weather has finally started.


In the kitchen:

Nothing yet, but I have grand plans to bake cookies and bread, if it doesn’t get too hot.

I am wearing:

A tank top and pants. I know I copied this format from another person, but I may get rid of this heading – it’s slightly creepy and I don’t think any one really wants to know this.

I am creating:

The numbness is starting to leave my hands, so just to get back into the swing of things, I finished a dishcloth and I’ve got some new sock wool to start a new pair of socks. It’s too warm to get out the sweater that I was working on and have it in my lap all the time. I think socks are much more doable.

I am going:

To go in to the city later to pick up the tall hormonal kid from her aunt’s house. While we are there she can try on her hockey skates to see if they still fit. If not, we’ll have to go shopping for another pair. She starts a week long hockey camp on Monday (run by Olympic hockey players Jayna Hefford and Lori Dupuis).

I am reading:

Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende. Still. It’s good, but I have been busy lately and haven’t spent much time with it. I intend to make myself a cup of tea and sit with it in the porch for a bit.

The dad just finished reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. He finished on Tuesday and threw away the rest of his cigarettes and says it is working so far. The book is supposed to change the way you think about smoking and make quitting easier. So far he says he has no cravings. A life long habit has got to be hard for him to break and I’m happy that he is doing this. He’s never been allowed to smoke in the house or around us, so it’s nice to have him back.

I am hoping:

That the hockey skates fit and no shopping will be necessary. Instead, we could get ice cream.

I am looking forward to:

Ice cream.

I am learning:

I’ve been reading about vegetable gardening. My spinach was spindly and has bolted already, and I found out that I should have planted it before the last frost. I’ve also been looking up information on Brussels sprouts, hoping that we don’t make the same mistakes with them as we did last year.

Around the house:

The laundry is piling up, but it can wait until tomorrow. I’ve spent some time outside weeding and watering flowers. Now I think a break is in order.

A favorite quote for today:

“I can’t complain but sometimes I still do
Life’s been good to me so far” ―     (Joe Walsh)

One of my favorite things:

Perfect summer weather and sitting in the porch, reading a book.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

I have a week of summer holidays next week and I will attempt to do a bit of closet clean-out and organizing. It will be a good opportunity to bag up the outgrown kid’s clothes and pass them on or put them aside for the smaller kid. There will probably also be some lounging, swimming at the lake and maybe an ice cream cone or two.


35 thoughts on “today

  1. A lovely post Heidi.
    I am pleased to hear that the numbness is starting to leave your hands and that you are getting out into the garden.

    • I was in the vegetable garden last night and saw that I have some work to do this week. We picked quite a bit of beans and it looks like the peas will be ready in a couple of days too. It’s a good thing I’m off next week – there is a lot of cleaning and freezing that will need to be done.

  2. I hope the weather is good for you next week… My husband stopped similarly… about 12 years ago… He just decided one day to throw the pack he had in the garbage and never looked back.. He had to come to that point himself because the kids and I had tried to ‘prod’ him in this direction many times… to no avail.. Diane

  3. I don’t know, the “what you’re wearing” part always cracks me up. And then I look down to see what I’m wearing.

    Jean capris and a dark green t-shirt, for the record. Bare feet, no jewelry. 🙂

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Having been in the same place with smoking (decades ago now: ) making the decision to stop, in your own time, is CRUCIAL… Congrats and positive vibes for The Dad!
    Here’s hoping the weather stays wonderful: ) Enjoy your holiday!!

    • I will, thanks! And I’m impressed by how well this book seems to have changed his attitude. He says that so far there aren’t any cravings and he doesn’t miss it and he hasn’t been grumpy (beyond the normal 🙂 ). So far, so good.

  5. sharechair says:

    here in Pennsylvania the humidity has been unbearable for weeks. So happy for you that yours has lifted. Our weather forcast says the coming week will get hotter and more humid, still. yuch.

  6. jeans, t-shirt, flip flops, necklace and earrings and two rings I wear all the time except when I change it up for a specific outfit–I know what you mean about the what I am wearing part–but I still like it, as I like these posts–you have a way about you Heidi that makes me content

  7. Roar Sweetly says:

    I am too old for week night outings! Had to laugh at granny panties.

  8. I went to a Rush concert last night and was happy I could sleep late this morning. Most of the crowd was my age (pushing 50) and remained seated for the majority of the show!

    I’m glad your hands are working better 🙂

    The hockey camp sounds good, and better yet if it is with old skates!

    • They sit during Rush concerts too? How sad.. We have a friend who years ago missed taking his MCAT because he had an opportunity to take a lesson from Neil Peart. Or so the story goes.

      We got lucky with the skates – her feet have finally slowed down on the growth. How much bigger can a 12 yr old girls feet get? She already wears a women’s size 10.

  9. Speaking of age–Would have loved to have gone to the Eagles concert and the Joe Walsh quote is from out class song.

  10. Kate is says:

    You’ve been busy, Heidi. I would love to see the Eagles.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like the perfect summer! The porch looks heavenly and the part about what you’re wearing made me laugh. I’m interested in what you’re wearing. 🙂 Right now I have on a summer dress. 🙂 It’s the same dress i wear everyday around the house because nothing fits me now that i had the baby. The best of luck to your husband for quitting smoking. It is not an easy thing to do.

    • You probably look so much better in a dress than I do in sloppy jeans and a tshirt. Ihave a sad lack of dresses in my closet. I might just have to buy one so that I can say I’m wearing a dress next time.

  12. Jennifer says:

    And so happy to hear about your hands!

  13. Fairy says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Fingers crossed for the Dad.

  14. Lynne Ayers says:

    Like the format, and your porch. And would you please blow some of that non-humid air to the east – I’m dying here!

    • Looks like you’ve sent some of the humidity our way again instead. It’s hot and muggy here again. I’m going to stop complaining though – or it will turn into winter before we can blink.

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        I know, I spent the winter complaining about cold ankles and now, it’s the sweltering humidity … but, really, what happened to our nice summers of 25-ish? I want them back unless I can be transported to a nice home by a lake. 😉

  15. Love your porch and glad no granny pants flew by you toward the stage. 🙂 enjoy the rest of summer!

  16. oceannah says:

    I’m so glad to hear that the numbness is on the run Heidi. You cracked me up at the ‘break a hip’ line…yeah…I see the same thing here. I look around and think what are all these old people doing here?

  17. Sarah says:

    Do you know how much reading I could get done on that porch? It. is. fantastic! Yes, I can totally imagine myself there on a nice summer day.

    I’m so relieved that the numbness is leaving your hands. Whew! That means you’re feeling a lot better thank goodness. And you can fling some Granny panties at the Eagles next time. Or not. I’m not even going to discuss how jealous I am of you getting to go to that concert last week. But I am really jealous! How fun!!! That quote is perfect by the way 🙂

    Some day someone will teach me how to knit socks, even a YouTube video. It sounds like the perfect summer project. On that porch.

    You and the fam have a great week! Have an ice cream cone for me please 🙂

  18. Wasn’t the break in the heat nice? Our heat returned today, even I who loves the heat escaped to the indoors and the fan. Hope you were able to save some money on hockey gear, that’s one sport I didn’t want to pay for when my boys were young it’s just too expensive but we don’t live in Canada. 😉

    I too have a lot to learn still when it comes to gardening. I thought I would be smart and plant my spinach in the front window, it started coming up nicely then bolted from the heat.

    Glad you are feeling better, enjoy your vacation time too.

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