the garden so far


The garden looks very green (weeds are green too) and, on close inspection, our spinach and carrots did germinate after all. They will, however, need a fair bit of hand weeding by the bendier members of the family. Right now the seedlings are competing with a lot of weeds – stinging nettles among them, as I discovered. Ouch. Even my numb fingers felt that.

I managed to pick myself a handful of swiss chard, some young shallots and a few leaves of basil to add into the rigatoni for dinner tonight. This will be our first meal this year with vegetables fresh from our garden. Maybe I’m easily pleased, but I find that exciting.


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39 thoughts on “the garden so far

  1. love it! It’s always a lovely feeling when you are able to use that first food item in your dinner, no matter how big or small that item may be! My little herb garden has totally taken over the pot and is now hanging over the sides. The sun and rain combo we have had here has been wonderful for our garden. The squash plants are big (yellow, green and pumpkin) as well as our tomato plants. Our pepper plants are taking a bit longer to get large, but they are getting there! LOVE this time of year, but boo to weeds.

    • Nothing in our garden is very big yet – the vines haven’t even started yet because we didn’t get them in until last weekend. If the rain would just hole off and allow a few days of sun in a row, it’d all take off. I hope that happens soon. I’m tired of rain. Even my herbs look a little drowned.

  2. Mo says:

    We have just started enjoying lettuce and spinach from our garden! I might even be able to harvest some green onions this week. It so satisfying seeing something you planted and cared for, on the table feeding your family.

  3. Sarah says:

    These inside rigatoni? You are so lucky I live so far away. 🙂 That sounds SO good!! The garden is gorgeous too. I do love how green everything is. Sorry about the stinging nettles. Yeah, ouch!!

    • It was pretty yummy. We used the frozen tomatoes and sauce from last year’s garden and the fresh basil made it all taste so good. I can’t say that we could actually taste the swiss chard, but it was some extra “green stuff” to help make us feel better about consuming all that pasta and cheese. 🙂

  4. That sounds delicious, it is a great feeling to eat those first bites from the garden.

  5. It’s brilliant when the first fruits of your growing labours are on your plate! And they always taste so good. 🙂

  6. I love fresh veggies and herbs from the garden too — it is special

  7. How do the bender members of the family feel about this plan?

  8. Lynne Ayers says:

    I don’t grow veggies any more but when I did it alwasy WAS exciting to do them up for supper. I’ve hardly been in my flower garden this season – when it isn’t raining the ground is still so wet the soil is hardly digable – is that a word? This may be the summer that wasn’t – as my daughter said, I hope summer comes on a Saturday this year.

  9. What a big garden! And productive already!

  10. What a ‘humongous’ garden…. It’s no wonder you have your hands full … along with your husband’s of course… Hope you’re maybe feeling a bit better but know it can be a slow process… Diane

  11. There is always so much excitement this time of year with gardens. I’m glad you’re feeling it.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness, everything is so green and beautiful! Your garden is huge!

  13. Dear Heidi. What a lovely big garden. I understand the joy of your first harvest of the season. I get a real kick out of eating stuff I have grown and never tire of it.
    My son (he’s 47) tells me that when he comes to dinner “do you realise Mom you tell me the life story of every vegetable on my plate”. All said with good humour.

  14. amy b. says:

    Oh my, you seriously garden! My little box gardens will feed us a few meals but you will be eating all winter with this.

  15. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “Easy to please”? No way!
    How could anyone NOT be excited by such gorgeousness?
    (I’m GREEN with envy; )

  16. Barbara Good says:

    Lovely and green Heidi. I too would be excited. My garden is very green also – we’ve had LOTS do rain lately, but its almost all weeds. We’re moving in a month so I have little incentive to garden, but I really should get out and clean it up. It’s just so darn cold outside at the moment…

  17. Gardens are off to a very slow start here too… rain is the big topic!!

  18. have not heard from you for a couple of days–how are you?

    • Thanks for asking – I had been feeling better, then started to feel worse again. I hope the weekend makes a difference, because I am supposed to start a graduated return to work on Tues. However, I’m having some issues with my vision – things get a little blurry or out of focus – if its not clear by Mon, I wont be attempting to drive.

  19. beautiful. our garden looks like a version of charlie brown’s christmas tree….

  20. I find that exciting too! WE had our first thinnings last week and that gave me a thrill. Been wondering how you are getting on – improving I hope…. 🙂

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