today at the farm

006Today the dad hosted a skeet shoot and potluck lunch for the local DU committee volunteers (he is a committee member himself).

017The dad taking his turn.

028008The horse and ponies hanging out happily in the field.

034The girls playing with their toy horses and the new stable that they made from an old bookshelf.

It’s a cool day outside, we’ve used up our energy early and are looking forward to a quiet night in the den with the fire turned on.

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12 thoughts on “today at the farm

  1. Yes, it is a good day to stay indoors, away from that wind. Neat to see the skeet shoot. Its just like my neighbourhood.

  2. Velva says:

    It looks a great day at the farm. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now I have googled it I know what a skeet is. It is not a furry little creature after all.
    I was interested to find out that we also have skeet shooting in Brisbane.
    A lovely photograph of your daughters.

  4. You guys are always involved in something. Enjoy the evening with a fire going. I can’t believe this weather. Its really cold out!

  5. Are you having problems getting ammunition in Canada? Because of concerns about gun legislation in the US, people have bought up all of the ammunition and it’s almost impossible to get. That put’s a big crimp on people who like to skeet shot or target shoot.

  6. jrw111 says:

    A skeet shoot seems a small thing. But, neighbors and friends can meet and chat and chide each other – I enjoy that; guys like that. Small but valuable experiences with family and friends. I just bought a 12 gauge and went out in the desert to shoot and couldn’t hit a bottle tossed in the air even once. There is definitely skill in it. Your photos were so rich in color. Thanks.

  7. Nice Sunday… It’s really nice where we are…A little chilly but not cold! There’s hope yet for summer….Diane

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