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We made it through an emotional weekend. After the Tribute of Life on Saturday there was a dinner and get-together at our house for 50 or so family and friends. It was a good opportunity for locals and out-of-towners to visit and reminisce and have some food. A few good friends stayed the night and helped tuck the dad into bed later – it had been an emotional day for him, complete with a speech in front of more than 250 people, so he needed a little unwinding time.

Today we cleaned up, the kids did a complete clean out of the barn and there was even a chance for a nap. I sorted through the seed order and am going to use this space to write them down. Last year I neglected to record anything and lost the packing slip, so I am leaving myself a list here where I can find it again when ordering time comes around next year. I am pretty good at keeping records, but lousy at remembering where I put them.

We’ll still have to purchase our seed potatoes, green pepper and hot pepper plants, tomatoes in several varieties and some onion sets, but this will be a good start. Next weekend we’ll start planting some seed.

2013 William Dam Seed Order:

Basil – Italian Large Leaf Organic / Sweet Basil

Beans (bush) – Provider

Brussels Sprouts – Jade Cross Hybrid

Carrots – Nelson Hybrid / Baltimore Hybrid

Cucumber – Eureka Hybrid & Sweet Success Hybrid

Dill – Bouquet

Lettuce – Great Lakes 659 / Buttercrunch / Bon Vivant Salad Mix / Pinares

Melons – Diplomat Hybrid / Halona Hybrid

Onions – Ramrod / Camelot Hybrid

Parsley – Green Pearl Organic

Peas – Lincoln

Pumpkins – Dill’s Atlantic Giant / Mustang Hybrid / Spooktacular Hybrid

Radish – Raxe



Spinach – Space Hybrid

Sunflower (Helianthus) – Mammoth Russian

Watermelon – Jade Star Hybrid, Full Lucky Hybrid

Zucchini – Spineless Beauty Hybrid

Leek – Jolant

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21 thoughts on “seed order

  1. must start thinking about mine – glad things went well — hope the dad gets some rest and you too

  2. sharechair says:

    sounds like you plant a wonderful garden.

  3. Good idea to store the seed list here! Part of my reason for doing a blog is so I can remember in years to come.
    Sounds like to had a fab get-together – 50 people 🙂

  4. naimavanswol says:

    Wow! Your garden is going to be amazing. I’m just doing tomatoes and cukes and eggplant!

  5. I’m glad that you had good services although emotional and exhausting. I was very comforted by the support and services we recently had for my dad.

  6. Don’t you wish you could bottle up that feeling you get when reading over seed catalogues? They are so descriptive and colourful. They induce dreams of growing your biggest and healthiest garden ever. We can hope.

  7. Heidi–I wrote about you in my column for the newspaper this week and put it on my blog–thanks for the inspiration! Perhaps I should have asked your permission–I will before I use you again–hope I did not overstep…..

  8. I know when you order, plant and then harvest there is still the processing and freezing…Are you planting a few less tomatoes this year.?..because last year was a bumper crop… Remember to take time for ‘you’… I just keep reminding you in case you forget…lol Diane

    • We’ll probably still plant as many as we did last year. The extras last year were all self seeded volunteers from years before. My husband used the plow last fall, so that should put an end to the volunteers.

      I sometimes need a reminder to rest – but not yesterday. Once the house was back in order we all took it easy and I had a 3 hour nap. It was heavenly. 🙂

  9. I am so sorry for your loss. I know from losing my grandparents that even when you know it’s coming it’s hard to cope with the reality.

    Your garden is going to be fantastic. My garden won’t be as productive as I’d hoped this year. Some of the seeds I counted on were duds, but others are over producing. I anticipate over 100 heads of cabbage this year.

    I can’t help to look forward to all the posts your garden will supply me to read. Some of your best posts imo are those from the tomatoes last summer.

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