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We are settled into the farmhouse now. Thanks to the great help of my mother, who spent the better part of two weeks helping me pack and unpack and around 20 friends, relatives and neighbours, we are completely moved in. We even have pictures on the walls. And I promise never to ask anyone to move that piano ever again. Not without a chainsaw and a lit match, anyway.

That which doesn’t kill us definitely makes us not want to repeat the process. My in-laws have been moved into their new house, the farmhouse has been cleaned out and we have moved in, and our old house is being readied for my brother and sister-in-law to move in this weekend. We are almost at the end.

A few pictures of some of the new rooms, while they are still neat and tidy (because it is all downhill from here):


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48 thoughts on “home, again

  1. what a lovely warm place – glad you are moved in – what a process, eh? so I hope that means we will be seeing more of you — I have missed you during your movie

  2. …home again, jiggety jig!! (I had to finish the song πŸ™‚ – missed you, Heidi – so excited about your new digs!

  3. Congratulations. A nasty job well done.
    I hate moving. In 2012 we moved households six times. It was a crazy year. First we fixed up and moved out of our cottage. Then we fixed up, and moved out of our home in Toronto. We moved into our new country home. We moved the kids into a shared apartment for four months. They weren’t happy living together so we ended up moving the kids into their own separate apartments.
    I never want to move again.
    Your new home looks lovely and cozy and very attractive.

  4. Yay for being moved in! I LOVE your kitchen and living room! all that wood….I’m jealous! Now, it’s time to relax while you can…gardening season is just around the corner πŸ˜‰

  5. Gorgeous! LOVE that woodwork!

  6. I’m glad you’re back to blogging! I realized you hadn’t posted anything for a bit, and I wondered. But then I remembered something in the back of my brain about the new house. I love it; it’s very cozy! My couch and your couch would look perfect together in a room. πŸ™‚

  7. Glad you’re back – lovely place!

  8. What a beautiful ‘big’ home that you have. I’m glad you got through it finally…I can only identify so much having recently done so…Diane

  9. Jennifer says:

    Love the wood in the kitchen!

  10. Congratulations on the move completed. The new home looks warm, cozy and comfortable. Well done, and I’m glad you’re back! Carolyn

  11. Heidi,
    Congratulations! What an accomplishment. I’m sure it feels good to be almost all settled. Your home is warm and cozy. I’d like to have a cup of tea with you in front of that fire!

    • You’d be welcome. I’m heading there right now, with the chocolate covered almonds that I just found in my cupboard – a friend thoughtfully brought them along on the weekend and finding them has made my whole day!

  12. Your new house looks so inviting and cosy. I bet you can’t wait to get going in that lovely kitchen and I’ll be glad to see you back blogging again. Sounds like the whole family are on the move playing Musical Houses?

  13. Beautiful! So happy for you that the move is finally over and done.

  14. Good to see you back, I love your new home, the beams and real wood cabinets! The windows in the living room would make me never want to leave and that wood stove would be where I sat (okay not on it, but as close as possible) with the cold. There is something about wood that makes a home feel cozier and warm, just love it.

  15. Well done on the move. I fear its like childbirth though, you forget the pain after a while!! πŸ˜‰

  16. Nice!! What a lovely home.

  17. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh yeah! Now wasn’t it worth it?
    Lovin’ the wood (cabinets, floors, furniture, ceiling, beams…) and the wrought iron/porcelain cabinet hardware. Your stuff looks completely at home – definitely not like it just moved in – and everything is SO sparkling clean… Nice!!
    Good timing too, eh? Just before winter arrived. Do be sure you take your time and enjoy snuggling up with that cozy woodstove: )

  18. Sarah says:

    OMGosh, what a lovely, warm, comfortable house! It looks wonderful, congratulations!

  19. Lauren says:

    Welcome home! Every time I move, I swear I’ll never to it again. Last time that held for almost 8 years… we’ll see this time around!

  20. Allotment adventures with Jean says:

    Lovely to have you back Heidi. Your new home looks quite beautiful. I love the warmth of all that wood. Wishing you and your family every happiness in your new home.

  21. What a lovely place! As others say, it looks so warm with all that wood – and those beams! So lovely. And it’s lovely to have you back having got through your move relatively unscathed. Moving is hard work! I hope you’ll be able to have some time to relax and sit by a fire to escape those unbelievable -29* temps! We think it’s cold at 0*!

    All the best, πŸ™‚

  22. Somer says:

    So lovely and cozy. It looks just like home should πŸ™‚ Glad you’re settled.

  23. Glad you’re settled in, Heidi. As someone who realized last night that her books have been packed away for a whole year (!) 😦 I’m impressed that you’re completely moved in so quickly. That living room looks super cozy. Love the beams, but I think I love that leather chair even more. Enjoy the weekend in your new home!

    • Thankyou – I will. This is our first moving free weekend, so I intend to enjoy it – though I would also like to get the garage sorted so that I can park in it. We also have about 30 boxes or more of books in the basement. There is a formal living room here at the farm too that we probably won’t use much, so my husband is going to eventually make some built-in bookshelves and we’ll turn it into a library. Someday. First, the garage.

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