calling all the monsters

It’s not my favourite holiday, but our kids still love getting dressed up for a neighbourhood tour on Halloween night. And somehow, I always get talked into putting out some spooky decorations on Halloween night to entertain the 7 children that come to our door. In a rural area like this, trick or treating involves being shuttled around to the neighbour’s houses by car, and since we live at the end of a road (we, along with our in-laws, are the last houses before the Lake), we get very little traffic to the house. I know each and every kid that comes to the house, so I make them up a little bag to take home. I always buy spare candy, just in case – and then end up snacking on it myself while watching whatever zombie movie they decide to play on tv that night.

The dad even hides a speaker in the tree out front, just to set the scene a little more with some spooky music and noises before the victims make it to the door.

Hopefully this year the new neighbours have added some curtains to their bathroom window. The dad and the kids got more than an eyefull last year while out on the road.

And, in a semi-related vein, here is a clip that I found on my iPad this weekend. I had to post this for the sake of saving a memory. This is what happens when you leave you iPad unattended in the truck while you run into the bank for a moment:

I don’t know where they get it from.

35 thoughts on “calling all the monsters

  1. So sweet ….it breaks my heart. I love girls at this age

  2. Jennifer says:

    Too cute. I was too SCARED! 😀

  3. Nice lip syncing! Very funny.

  4. Ange says:

    Haha! I’m not familiar with that song, but I think that you need to leave your iPad “unattended” more often! Your girls look like a lot of fun. 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh that video is terrific!! I’m with Ange, think you should leave them alone in the car with the iPad more often, that was great!

    Halloween…eh. Not so much either. But those costumes scare the crap outta me. 🙂 I love your Halloween tablescape too.

    Please pass some of your energy down here to Wisc, Heidi. Thanks. 😉

  6. That would be a good video! – theres some funky Chistmas songs out there that would make excellent e-greetings for various oversea’s relitives… if the ipad was left lying around loaded with the approprite music…You never know what might happen – Kara

    • Good idea. I was really impressed at some of the videos I found on it. I’d like to see more. The youngest kid wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween and knows the words to several Patsy Cline songs – so I might encourage a patsy cline video. 🙂 and then well talk about Christmas.

  7. Somer says:

    Oh Heidi, that was AWESOME! Loved it. I hope your neighbors get bathroom curtains soon too, nothing like that kind of fright on Halloween 😉

  8. Brilliant video – your girls are destined for the stage! Can we put in requests? Have a great Halloween – one year when my girls were at home I draped our Hallway with that cobweb stuff and spiders and dressed up myself as a spooky witch – really scared the neighbourhood kids that called when I opened the door as they were not expecting it!!

  9. My kids loved the video! We had to play it twice.

  10. Somer says:

    We just had a drop out for the a “main course” in the Virtual Vegan Potluck. We need to fill the spot ASAP. Interested? 😉 I thought of you first.

    • Thanks! Not this time, I don’t think. Anything that I will post for this week, I did on the weekend – I won’t have the time (or energy) during the week to come up with something. I’m a go for next time though – I’ll do some planning ahead of time.

  11. I love that video! I wouldn’t know how to tape that myself. I hope your neighbors put up a curtain that wouldn’t be what I want my kids to see either.

    We were at the grocery store a couple weeks ago and they had their Halloween candy in a shack they built with scary music. I took the kids in there to see their reaction. It was so cute, but then we had trouble getting them to leave they wanted to stay and listen. My son’s neighbor puts on a haunted house the night before and has a donation box set out if you want to give, the money goes to charity. They say it’s family friendly and not too scary for the little ones. Since they just moved they are planning to check it out. Afterwards they will stop here, it will be the only trick or treaters I get. I made them each a little bag with granola bars and “healthy” treats.

    • My kids love spooky houses too – but we haven’t been to one this year. You are good to give healthy treats. I still give out candy, but also some Halloween pencils and erasers.

      • healthy treats are requested by my son and his wife as they try to limit the junk. They will take the kids out if weather permits, so they will have enough candy from that. Then mom and dad will allow them a couple pieces a day, no sugar rush allowed 🙂

  12. Lynne Ayers says:

    Like you, we were rural, like you Hallowe’en is not my favourite night of the year – where we were it was, almost without exception for the 12 odd years I had to do this, the most miserable night of the new winter season – rain, ice pellets, slush, freezing rain, car woulldn’t start, ice on the windshield, visibility poor, stuck in driveways … need I say more? Well, there is more – I’m not imaginative when it comes to costumes, I had to come up with 6 – 3 for indoor school activities and 3 that had to fit over snowsuits … why isn’t Hallowe’en in August? I might have provided my kids with a better Hallowe’en experience if it was in August –

    • True – and this year we might be in the middle of a hurricane, so it could be interesting. They said we might have snow in eastern Ontario. Yay. (that was an unenthusiastic yay).

      Our schools don’t do Halloween – the kids only get to dress up outside of school. Im not sure why – it seems to be a new thing. Probably don’t want to offend anyone that thinks its a pagan celebration or something. Though I have to admit that it makes things much easier and it doesnt bother me at all. I look forward to the day that mine are too old to care about dressing up anymore.

  13. Kerry says:

    Hilarious video!! Ha! So cute.

  14. Cement says:

    Hehe, I know EXACTLY where your girls get it from!! Roll that video out at their weddings.

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