sunday, in pictures

The dad rejoices as the tall hormonal kid mows the entire lawn for the first time, and yells “I’m out!”.

The small squeaky sick kid and Lurch holding down the couch while watching a marathon of The Voice.

The toad was waiting for us on the back deck again. Who knew toads could climb steps?

Cutting and chopping red peppers for the freezer, plus some for hot pepper jelly.

Six half pints of hot pepper jelly cooling.

Onions caramelizing in the crockpot. Once they are finished, I’ll put these in bags in the freezer for future use on pizza or in baking. I got the idea here.

One last pot of passata cooking. After this I am absolutely not cooking any more tomatoes this year. I think. Next weekend I am a single mom of one while the tall kid and her dad are off to the island for opening weekend of duck hunting. I’ll be at the hockey arena.

And after most of the day spent in the kitchen and some of it patting the small kid on the back while she retched (and I, in turn, retched too), I sent the dad into town for fried chicken. Hey, sometimes you just don’t want to face another minute cooking.

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33 thoughts on “sunday, in pictures

  1. The frogs in our pond jump up on the steps of our dock ladder…. cannot figure out how they do it!

  2. A Ponytail Kind of Day says:

    You have been very busy today, love the pictures πŸ™‚

  3. Love your pictures. The dad looks very, very happy to turn over the mowing duties. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Shira says:

    Looks like MOST perfect Sunday Heidi! Family, food & home. What more could we need? Get better! X

  5. I hope you enjoyed your chicken. You deserve a night off, hard working mama

  6. Tammy says:

    Thank you very much!

  7. Somer says:

    That first photo says a thousand words. Sorry about the retching, I always feel sick when I see someone else throw up too. Hope the squeaky one fells better soon. 😦

    I’m totally going to make those caramelized onions!

    • He was so happy – though he hovered to make sure she was doing ok and we didn’t have her cut the entire 6 acres. She cut a few crop circles into the lawn too, but at this time of year, who cares. Even if she takes an hour or two of the mowing job away from the dad, it frees up some more time for me to give him chores to do – the lawn mowing is about a 4-5 hour job. More, if he actually trims around all of the trees and the fencelines.

      I, at least, never had lawn mowing as part of my job description. We negotiated that one. I do housecleaning, he does lawnmowing.

      • Somer says:

        I lived on some acreage growing up, but we only had 2 acres of lawn. I can only imagine SIX! I love that she did some crop circles, with that much grass and at this time of year, how could she help it?!? I love the thought of the Dad hovering with a watchful eye and the independence he’s going to gain.

        My husband and I divide our chores the same, but since we live on a quarter acre, maybe it’s time to convince him he can help out with the dishes now and again, eh? πŸ˜‰

  8. So you ‘think’ you won’t do any more tomatoes..ha! .your garden crop just doesn’t stop…hope the little one feels better soon…Diane

  9. The pepper jelly looks awesome – love it! Especially on an avocado sandwich.

  10. I can feel your paint about tomatoes! And I STILL have 50+lbs to process. Eek. I’m def going to have to give the crock pot onions a try! I love using the crock pot for tedious time consuming stuff!

    • I could probably still get more than that out of the garden, if all of the green romas finish ripening. I’m out of room in the freezers though, so I feel like I can let most of them go.

      • We have a lot of green tomatoes too – I’m tempted to harvest them before the worms/bugs/chickens get them then slice and can them for future meals of fried green tomatoes. There’s an option. Just in case you feel like being smothered in tomatoes for the next 5 years lol

  11. Sarah says:

    Wow! What a weekend! I feel so lame right now πŸ™‚ I hope your daughter feels better today, I love her assistant, Lurch is adorable. And such a sweet guy for standing by her. That toad is too much, lol!! He knows where the fun is….

    Have a great week Heidi!!

  12. oceannah says:

    Hurray for the passing of the, lawnmower πŸ™‚ Nice looking pepper jelly Heidi…that’s something I’ve never made but I bet it’s great w/ pork?!

  13. Great recap, Heidi! I love these snippets of life. Sorry about the not feeling well. That’s never fun – how can kids do their chores if they’re sick??? πŸ˜‰

  14. A lovely post Heidi. Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us. Hope your daughter is feeling much better now. Your hot pepper jelly looks wonderful.

  15. πŸ˜€
    I love that first pic of Dad celebrating!!

    Never thought of caramelising onions in a crockpot…what a great idea.

  16. Dad, Lurch and toad are adorable. Always enjoy your pictures.

  17. enjoyed reading your blog.

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