the joys of returning to indoor plumbing

We’re back from several days away at the cottage – a pound of flesh and a pint of blood lighter thanks to mosquitos and deer flies the size of Sea King helicopters. It was peaceful, and sometimes it feels like you are leaving just as the kids are getting used to the slower pace of things over on the island, but I really missed indoor plumbing.

We spent our time reading, playing cards, swimming, lounging around the campfire eating s’mores, sleeping in the hammock and listening to classic rock on a radio slash tape deck that would make John Cusack proud. The kids swam, chased fireflies, went fishing and occasionally tried to re-enact The Lord of the Flies. At one point on Friday night we awoke thinking the aliens were trying to land in the cabin – but it was just a stray trapped (but apparently really big) firefly.

It was good, very restful.. but I’m happy to be home with running water. I won’t miss the outhouse.

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24 thoughts on “the joys of returning to indoor plumbing

  1. I almost feel more relaxed just seeing your photos and reading your account, bug slapping aside. Yet I too am of the opinion that indoor plumbing is definitely NOT overrated!

  2. What wonderful memories you are creating!

  3. Sounds like a great time, it’s great getting away from home sometimes and realizing what we have, like indoor plumbing. πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely. Nothing like sharing an outhouse with 4 people in 35C weather to get you to appreciate indoor plumbing. Carrying water and coal oil lamps are fine.. But not so much the outhouse.

      • Somer says:

        Oh man, don’t envy that bit at all. Even the romans had flushing toilets and running water πŸ˜‰ hard to do that part of the camping bit.

        Otherwise sounds lovely!

  4. Peggy says:

    That hammock looks so inviting, gotta get one of those.

  5. just think how much you will appreciate it now – pictures look idyllic

  6. That’s the one thing that would be very difficult…no indoor plumbing…The rest sounds so relaxing and nice…Diane

  7. Kerry says:

    Glad you had a fun break and glad you’re back!

  8. amy b. says:

    A cabin by the lake might just be the next prescription for me… looks a lovely time.

  9. I enjoyed this post so much, lovely photographs of your family. I have enjoyed great camping holidays while I have lived here in Australia – but there is nothing like your own loo!

  10. oceannah says:

    What a great time! It looks lovely and relaxing. Love the look on dd’s face w/ that fish, not sure if you just caught a moment or if she’s only moderately thrilled w/ the fish.
    I could totally live w/out the indoor toilet (and have) but at my age, a tap that flows hot water is a must…in the house.
    Glad you all got a nice re-charge.

    • I think the tall kid was hoping for a mammoth bass and just got a tiny rock bass.. hence the shy look about the photo.

      I didn’t find I missed the hot running water at all, but then it was freakin’ hot, so I only boiled water for washing dishes in the mornings when it was cool(ish). It’s using an outhouse that has been stewing in the heat that turned me off.. but I’ve done it for a week or so before too and it didn’t kill me (just made me gag a little). It’s so much easier when we are at the cottage in cooler weather.

  11. What a beautiful place to go camping. I camped every summer when I was younger, but it was a much more primitive spot than you have. I still enjoyed it.

  12. I love how you are documenting and capturing the good times of your family life! Isn’t it great to leave such a legacy to your kids….?

    • It’s true.. this has been evolving into part scrapbook and part personal collection of recipes for me. Whenever we need to look something up that I’ve written about, it’s easy enough to search it out. The kids enjoy seeing themselves in the posts, too.

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