small pleasures on a day off

The small pleasures of a day off at the end of the week (I have to work the next 3 days of the holiday weekend, but I prefer to ignore that right now): coffee on the back deck while the kids are over taking care of their horses, a beautiful breeze blowing from the bay and the lake, the sounds of the breeze in the willow trees and the mourning doves singing. I love mourning doves.

It’s supposed to be blistering hot today, but as long as this breeze keeps blowing it should be bearable at home. We are lucky to live right between a bay and Lake Ontario – it tends to keep things cooler, plus there is almost always a breeze that keeps the heat and a lot of the mosquitos away.

I should probably try to be more industrious today and clean house, do laundry and attack the unending list of things to do, but today I have decided that the Queen is probably not showing up for elevenses, so I’m going to stack the dishwasher, find a book and take up residence under the willow in the hammock. At some point the kids and I might head down to the lake to swim and collect skipping stones to take to the island. This is the year that I finally get the stone to skip 6 times. I know it is.

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35 thoughts on “small pleasures on a day off

  1. You’ve got the right idea, Girl. Very attractive pillow.

  2. sounds like a wonderful day – wish I could join you

  3. oceannah says:

    It’s already blistering hot here! Take it easy and enjoy your time off…the house can wait 😉
    my two cents worth…

  4. Shira says:

    Loving this moment and so jealous of your heat! We are facing another grey holiday weekend. I could use a few hours in that chair….enjoy Heidi!

    • I promise to send you some sun soon. How about tomorrow? My garden could use a good soak. We’ll trade weather for the day.

      Today was beautiful here. Marred only briefly by the youngest kid trying to drown the oldest kid in the lake, but all survived.

  5. Skipping stones …one of my favorite activities! One of the childhood pleasures I never managed to outgrow.

  6. Somer says:

    Enjoy it! Well deserved my friend!

  7. Peggy says:

    Sounds perfect to me…..l’ll be doing much the same come Saturday at my cottage. You paint such an idyllic day, wish I was there now.

  8. Janet S says:

    “the Queen is probably not showing up for elevenses”. LOL. this made my day.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Sounds heavenly. Especially that hammock!

  10. It’s a beautiful day to relax and take it all in….Diane

  11. emmycooks says:

    Good for you! Any day I can sit outside (or even sit down!) to drink my coffee is bound to be good. What luxury. 🙂

    • It was! I could get used to it. I love this time of year – no more rush to get out the door or get the kids out. Even on a work day, I should now have time to have a coffee out back.

  12. Lilly Sue says:

    That sounds like a beautiful day off 🙂

  13. I would have done the same exact thing you did. I’m jealous I haven’t had a will tree since I was a child to sit under. No one wants them around here because they wreck havoc with water pipes

    • It’s been a great day so far. I love my willows – my husband told me that they are some special breed that’s supposed to be less dirty and root-y. But he’s probably just pulling my leg.

  14. Looks like a lovely day, captured with your photograph. I love to catch up with life in your neck of the woods.

  15. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Small pleasures are big pleasures. Everyone knows that! 🙂

  16. Becky says:

    Sounds wonderful. I hope you had a lovely afternoon!

  17. Great Post! What’s a day off? 🙂

    • True, farmers don’t get them, do they? I’m not a farmer. My in-laws sold their beef cattle years ago, and the land is leased for someone else to plant. Works out well for everyone. Especially next year when we loan out the oldest to help the neighbour with hay. Should be an eye opening experience for her.

      • Especially if it’s as hot next year. But great experience, it’s great to learn how and where food comes from. Even food for animals. Have a great day, hope you get a lot accomplished.

  18. nyparrot says:

    Cleaning a house, doing laundry… who would not skip on those “exciting” activities in favor of a book being enjoyed in a shadow…

  19. slowborg says:

    Sounds divine. Just seeing that chair with a nice wide arm rest to pop your cup on without anxiety, a nice cushion, a willow tree, a throw, the sun, the breeze. Aaaah it’s bringing me pleasure 🙂

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