she’s a little bit evil, a little bit funny

That’s just ketchup on her face. Really.

Today’s post is the result of friends telling me that I need to write down the funny kid stories so that I can remember them in the future. 

Wednesday night the small squeaky kid came bursting into the house in tears, exclaiming that she didn’t want to be outside anymore. I asked her why. 

“Because the cat ran away!” More tears. 

Why did the cat run away? 

“He didn’t like the trampoline!” Lots of tears. 

I really wish I had a picture of that. 

The cat came back. The very next day.

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27 thoughts on “she’s a little bit evil, a little bit funny

  1. HappyMrsBass says:

    Ha! Too cute… if I was a cat, I would have run away too!

  2. Roar Sweetly says:

    Priceless photograph, she looks like a bundle of energy!

  3. oceannah says:

    Adorable 🙂

  4. lol – and squeaky kid is cute as a button

  5. meanwhilein3 says:

    Oh Geeze! haha, I can only imagine what made the cat runaway.

  6. Life would be so boring without the antics of children! I wonder how long before she takes the cat back on the trampoline 🙂

  7. So cute… I was just thinking a while back that I need to write the funnies down more often!

    • A friend of mine keeps a notebook that she writes things down in. I’m not sure I’m organized enough for that, but I can match stories up with pictures here. This might be a good way for me to capture them.

  8. HaHa! love it!!! Poor cat.

  9. slowborg says:

    That made me laugh so hard, I’d be happy to read your funny kid memories

  10. IntrovertedSarah says:

    She is adorable!

  11. Cute kid! But poor cat!

  12. Great story. Adorable photo.

  13. Somer says:

    My 3 year old came up behind me while I was reading this post AND drinking a green smoothie. He asked if she was a bad guy or needed a band-aid because she was bleeding and said he wanted to be her friend. I laughed so hard my green smoothie came out my nose!

  14. Oh that poor cat! I can’t really picture a cat on a trampoline….

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