a night at the theatre

We’ve got tickets to see the new Dan Needles’ play, Wingfield Lost and Found tonight. I enjoy Needles’ writing – I used to turn to the back page of Harrowsmith Country Life magazine as soon as we received it in the mail, just to read his article every month – unfortunately the magazine is no longer in circulation. He’s a former Bay Street executive that moved to the country to farm and writes articles and plays about his experiences.

Having grown up in a rural area, I recognize a lot of neighbours and relatives in the characters that he captures in his writing and plays.

The star of the show, Rod Beatty, plays every character and does an amazing job just by changing his posture, facial expression and voice.

The synopsis:

In the midst of a record drought, wells on the Seventh Line are drying up. A search to locate a new well on Wingfield Farm ensues, but distractions abound: a high-tech cattle drive, a battle with yellow jackets, a feud with a red-tailed hawk, an eccentric line-up of water witches and a well-driller who is only too happy to perforate the ground at forty dollars a foot. Is it the end of farming for Walt and Maggie, or can the precious liquid be found?

More than an environmental comedy, Wingfield Lost and Found is a whimsical reminder that searching can turn up more than what is lost and teach us the value of more than what is found.

We are taking our brother-in-law, the psychologist, because the mere mention of water witching sends him into paroxysms. Should be a good time all around.

Here’s a short clip:

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8 thoughts on “a night at the theatre

  1. Amazing…what a talent to be able to switch characters so easily…Diane

  2. Somer says:

    How fun! Jealous of your night out 😉 It’s hard for us to find sitters for our kids so we don’t get out often enough.

  3. Thanks Heidi! Sounds like it will be great. Have fun….

  4. I have never heard of him before, but it sure sounds like a good time. Enjoy the night out.

  5. […] Day at our house, entertained friends, we had some cousins come and visit and enjoyed a night out at the theatre. We even managed to find a few four leaf […]

  6. I love the Wingfield stories and Rod Beatty’s performances are always amazing. My Dad read us all of the Wingfield books when we traveled across Canada on our family camping trips.

    • I’ve read the first book, but didn’t know he published more. We love the plays too, and have seen all but one. Occasionally I catch them in reruns on tv as well. Rod Beatty does such a good job, that we recognize some of our rural neighbours in some of the characters he portrays.

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