mother’s day at our place

Since Mother’s Day is coming up and my mother has just recently found out about my blog and started reading it (she made my beer bread for dinner one night and another day brought me an armload of spare tea towels and cloth napkins after reading the post about the paperless kitchen), I thought I would say something nice about her. She’s a very creative lady who has always been there to help her kids. She’s a retired labour and delivery nurse, retired tea room proprietor, mom, grandma and friend. She recently moved out of her century home (a home that used to be an inn and tavern back in horse and buggy days and has a few ghosts – but that’s another story) and into a house in town. It’s a big change for her. I admit that having her in town makes it nice to stop by for lunch during my work day.

My mom has been supportive when I was sick, has looked after me after a couple of surgeries and was even the one to cut the cord on both of my babies (come on, who isn’t going to let their mother, especially one that is a professional labour and delivery nurse, into the delivery room?). She paints, sews, crochets, cooks, bakes, decorates and gardens – and all before noon. In the afternoon she finds something challenging to tackle. I’m pretty sure she is going to outlive most of us out of pure drive and energy.

So, what do you give a lady like that for Mother’s Day (will a nice mention in a blog post do?)?

It won’t be a big spoiler here if I say that we normally keep it a little simple. Simple fits our budget. This year we’ll have a nice brunch at our house for my family and my husband’s. We crowd around our table, sometimes bring another up from downstairs, set it with some nice linen tableclothes, bring out the china and crystal and the silver, and have a good, chaotic, loud visit. There will be in-laws, mini-cousins, grandparents and us. Normal life at our house. The kids will make some cards for the grandmas, I usually make some fudge or something similar, and I include a new gardening magazine or some flowers because both moms are gardening types. Pretty simple, but nice.

What do you do?

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25 thoughts on “mother’s day at our place

  1. My sister and I always buy a joint present. This year we are getting her a voucher for a horseshoe, becaus we are going on a long horse ride later this year!

  2. My brothers and I and grandchildren are taking Mum to one of our local national parks for a simple picnic lunch, at her request. She lives in an aged care facility and enjoys a day trip whenever she’s well enough. There is nothing in the world I could give her to thank her for the wonderful Mum she’s been to me but spending time with her while I have her is the best present we will ever be able to give each other.

  3. What a nice tribute to your mom. And your planned Mother’s Day sounds wonderful. I’ve lived hundreds of miles from my mom for most of my adult life, so my mom ususally gets a gift and a phone call. When I was younger (and childless), I went hiking all the time and I sent her things I found: turtle shells, an amardillo shell, goat horns once, fossils, rocks. The last few years I try to write something fun or funny for her. Once I got an essay about her published in a local magazine for Mother’s Day. When we can afford gifts, I try to buy recycled things. This year she got recycled glass. (The gifts are usually late, because I’m a ditz but this year, they were early because I thought Mother’s Day was last Sunday. I never forget to call on the right day, though.)

    • I like your ideas. As a mom, they are exactly what I would like to receive myself. I actually just saw a website that makes garden ornaments out of recycled unwanted glass – like vases, frilly bowls, etc, glueing them together and setting them in copper pipe – I might try making some, but I won’t get around to it in time for Mother’s Day.

  4. amy b. says:

    What a lucky girl you are to have a mom like that close by. Give her a hug for me. I love how she lives her days.

  5. slowborg says:

    Really love your post. After your comment on my blog explaining your usual M Days I decided to invite mine over for a frugally fancy brunch and I am making a breakfast hamper of lemon butter, bread, tea and a magazine she likes (bread idea sourced from another of your posts on housewarming gifts! Thank you!)

  6. Laura says:

    My mom usually receives gardening related gifts too -it’s the perfect time of year for it. I have bought her gift cards to local nurseries and sent her flowers. But she lives far away from me, so I don’t usually get to see her on Mother’s Day.

    Last year, my husband and I hosted a luncheon party for his parents, his friends, his friends’ parents, and family friend. It was so great to celebrate with old and new moms, and I bought all of the mothers hanging plants from a charity sale. Those were a big hit.

    Your mom sounds amazing! Enjoy all of your festivities.

  7. I’m going to make my first handmade cards with my 9 month old this year. And we’ll be drinking mimosas at my memere’s as usual.

    I also wrote a post for my mom as part of her gift πŸ™‚

  8. Somer says:

    Such a sweet post! Your love for your mom shows in every word! I’ll be missing my mom this mother’s day as she will be hundreds of miles away in Mexico 😦

  9. We’re meeting my mom at church and then back to our house for brunch made with fresh eggs – if I can keep my kids from eating all the eggs this week! We only have 2 laying hens right now and it’s not quite enough for my our family…. πŸ™‚

  10. SlightlyOverTheTop says:

    I think I like your mom!

  11. My own mother has passed away 24 years ago…but we used to do similar to what you do…but always something to recognize how special she was.. As far as my children and Mother’s Day it is always low key…as one son lives a couple of hours away..we saw him last weekend at his place…gave me a lovely candle with a picture of my mother embossed somehow in glass with the words from my own mouth that I had told him “a woman of faith,love,truth and grace” also embossed. My other son is working in the Cayman Islands right now temporarily for 3 months and my daughter lives in Illinois so I won’t be seeing her. They will all likely call. I have to say though that I wish there was a time to be together…there just isn’t enough of them….Diane

  12. Your mother sounds like a wonderful person, but I would be tired in no time trying to follow her around. I think your Mother’s Day brunch sounds wonderful. I will be spending my day with my son and his family. Since he cooks that day, giving the women the day off, rather than brunch it’s an early dinner as he works third shift and will want some sleep first.

  13. subtlekate says:

    Your mum sounds fantastic and she looks like a good soul. I didn’t have a mother so I’ve kind of pants it over the years. On mothers day we will go out for breakfast – I’ll pay he’s only 10 πŸ™‚ but he takes the money and goes to the register himself. Very cute. We’ll go for a bike ride I think and he’ll give me something he made in class. It’s a nice day to spend together without interuption.

  14. Sherry says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award. I didn’t nominate the full 10 bloggers per the rules (I don’t follow that many blogs!) but I did get to the 10 questions. Congrats and I really appreciate all the work you put into your posts.

  15. Roar Sweetly says:

    What a great mum (I think nurses are superheroes). This sunday I will be having the gift a sleep-in, as it’s usually 5am starts with the kids in our neck of the woods. I have bought myself a pair of slippers that my son can wrap and give to me in the morning. Hopefully my husband presents me with a beautiful photo of the kids (he’s a great photographer and that’s on my wish list). My mum lives interstate so we will be having my husband’s mum over to lunch. Very relaxed and low key.

  16. Shira says:

    So nice! Our Mother’s Days are mellow and with the young one I can always expect a special art project for the family memory box πŸ™‚ My mom doesn’t live here so we do with a delivery of lovely flowers every year!

  17. She sounds like a wonderful woman and a terrific mom!

  18. introvertedblogger says:

    I love this post. Happy mother’s day to all the great mums.

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