the joy of books

Something that I have loved since I was really little is reading. I would disappear under the lilac bush for an afternoon reading and hiding from chores. Now the chores don’t get done unless I’m there, but I still hide away when I can and read.

Tonight is book club night and we’ve decided to have a meal with our meeting at this beautiful restaurant. Who couldn’t love a restaurant called Blanche Dubois?

The book this month was Annabel by Kathleen Winter; a great story about an hermaphrodite raised as a boy in Newfoundland. Somewhere along the line she decides that the boy part may not be the dominate part of her life and changes to Annabel. But she is still both feminine and masculine.

Part of living simply is taking some time out to do the things that you enjoy. So tonight’s itinerary is to just have dinner with friends and talk about books.

Something else I recently found:

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6 thoughts on “the joy of books

  1. I haven’t read Annabelle but it immediately brought to mind one of my favorite novels, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it! That video is awesome!!

  2. Great video and post. It reminded me of the little independent book store in New York City which hosted a monthly book discussion group for us children. That was back in the days when schools taught the three “R’s”.

  3. sj says:

    Yay for reading! I have never belonged to an actual book club, though. I think because I get annoyed when people tell me what to read. >.<

    • That is why I avoided it until this year, but I am enjoying now that I have started. Even the months that I hated the book (there have been 3 duds so far – according to me).

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