Hello World!

I’m going to try blogging, though I don’t know how long I’ll stay enthusiastic about it. It does seem though that anyone can do it, so maybe someone will be interested in something that I have to say. My blog is going to be more about trying to live life on the simpler side – living it more like our parents and grandparents used to. This isn’t a blog about city people moving to the country to try their hand at homesteading, its a blog about rural people and the way of life we have mostly always lived and are getting more back into in our 40’s.

We are trying to simplify, become a bit more green and sustainable, though I think we were always somewhat rooted in that kind of thinking. We are also trying to be more responsible with our money and squirrel some away for our looming retirement and our kid’s education now that our two young girls are rapidly approaching their teen years. We had a wake up call last year when my husband was laid off from his job. We overcame that obstacle, he has found another job that is a good fit for him, but it was a good time to make some adjustments.

So, this will be our story. We are a constant work in progress, but we like to learn new things.


So, what do you think?

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